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How to batch remove Logos using IrfanView - alecz - 31-12-2014

Too often webmasters put ugly logos on other people's images, just to attract visitors to their websites. This tutorial shows how you can use IrfanView to batch remove  these logos in seconds. IrfanView is a compact and powerful photo editing program. It's completely free for personal use and contains NO ads or hidden spyware.

A. When all images have the same size, you can simply batch crop the images using Batch Advanced Settings and set the height just a little smaller than the height of the original pictures. You start your crop at an upper corner, assuming the logos are at the bottom of the images. By doing this, you set new dimensions to all images, cutting the images off the logos. Eample: The width of all your images is 800 px and height is 600 px. The logos are on the left or right bottom of the image, having a height of 21 px. In IrfanView go to: "File", "Batch Conversion/Rename...", check: "Batch conversion - Rename result files", check "Use advanced options (for bulk resize...),  click: "Advanced", check "CROP". X-pos: 0 Y-pos: 0 Width: 800 Height: 579, check: "Start corner: Left top", click: "OK".

[Image: celeb6.com-batchremovelogos00_1.png]

B. When your images have different sizes, you have to follow a different procedure. In this case, you don't want to change the image sizes; you just want to cut off (crop) the logos and leave the rest off the images untouched. In Batch Advanced Settings the Width and Height figures you enter just need to be bigger than any actual sizes off the images and IrfanView will crop along the far edges. Set CROP to something like: X-pos: 0 Y-pos: 21 Width: 9999 Height: 9999 and select Right bottom as the corner to crop from. Screen shots of this procedure:

[Image: celeb6.com-batchremovelogos00_2.png]

[Image: celeb6.com-batchremovelogos01.png] [Image: celeb6.com-batchremovelogos02.png]

[Image: celeb6.com-batchremovelogos03.png] [Image: celeb6.com-batchremovelogos04.png]