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Victoria Justice - Stena - 02-09-2015

Short Bio
Victoria Dawn Justice (born February 19, 1993) is an American actress and singer. She debuted as an actress at the age of ten and has since appeared in several films and television series including the Nickelodeon series Zoey 101 and Victorious. She has made appearances in several theatrical releases, including Unknown as well as the 2006 thriller The Garden. She has appeared in several Nickelodeon series, including True Jackson, VP, The Troop, The Penguins of Madagascar and iCarly, as well as on the Nickelodeon game shows BrainSurge and Figure It Out as a contestant. In 2010, she starred in the Nickelodeon film The Boy Who Cried Werewolf.


RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 02-09-2015

in Oahu, Hawaii, August 27, 2015
[Image: 9gxoyens9ok0.jpg] [Image: jpv3eokxnk4a.jpg] [Image: qb8pw4g2p8pw.jpg] [Image: ajtie3dox61h.jpg] [Image: b483evxe0mz7.jpg] [Image: omsqlv0ep18q.jpg] [Image: 6rds52b6gljl.jpg] [Image: 7biwvcbzs0ns.jpg] [Image: ggsqiso85a8y.jpg] [Image: rnir8ab96y37.jpg] [Image: q0neb8mrfab4.jpg] [Image: 60r5d1pk1dwf.jpg] [Image: ntwb8snshwvc.jpg] [Image: yxxsl4d2639t.jpg] [Image: 5visqzqtw1ok.jpg] [Image: pmeap8xkdd4s.jpg] [Image: 69xfdag1r8u9.jpg] [Image: axzohg3k6mlp.jpg] [Image: rxdnew4embwt.jpg] [Image: egv5cao89msg.jpg] [Image: e27zz90xllto.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 03-09-2015

'Beautiful: The Carole King Musical' in NYC, September 1, 2015

[Image: 70003352_654.jpg] [Image: 70003366_655.jpg] [Image: 70003382_656.jpg] [Image: 70003397_657.jpg] [Image: 70003413_658.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 09-09-2015

Cosmo for Latinas, Fall 2015

[Image: krro0phatl50.jpg] [Image: lpdmfjqh1tjs.jpg] [Image: 0uu5dinlfrrg.jpg] [Image: 89s4r1up3u30.jpg] [Image: qgvnp1udd6fs.jpg] [Image: ara2h8vhbezb.jpg] [Image: 5ekpjynqg5r2.jpg] [Image: wospofrmu3q5.jpg] [Image: 5axalq1kcic9.jpg] [Image: tcq771vu6gzk.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 14-09-2015

BCBG MAXAZRIA After Party Spring 2016 NYFW in NYC,September 12, 2015

[Image: 70408316_227.jpg] [Image: 70408314_226.jpg] [Image: 70408313_225.jpg] [Image: 70408311_224.jpg] [Image: 70408309_223.jpg] [Image: 70408307_222.jpg] [Image: 70408306_221.jpg] [Image: 70408303_220.jpg] [Image: 70408295_219.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 16-09-2015

Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer premiere in NY, September 15, 2015

[Image: 95vhfgn43k1u.jpg] [Image: ewd7wpis2sjo.jpg] [Image: b5idd678i5bl.jpg] [Image: i7k9y2239d2l.jpg] [Image: u7gm83xlp07a.jpg] [Image: um5iba0yfnvs.jpg] [Image: bzjb8nxm61p2.jpg] [Image: kteo5aw298s3.jpg] [Image: nujjw4uiz3a7.jpg] [Image: xeqfu7e7j1x3.jpg] [Image: ldtyzy3lgxm2.jpg] [Image: h31g5paae1qn.jpg] [Image: f7svtqhp4fe5.jpg] [Image: c36af64ka698.jpg] [Image: kh4gc5466d4i.jpg] [Image: k6lyspmit695.jpg] [Image: dfi4l8478nkr.jpg] [Image: svxjfjjsvlge.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 18-09-2015

in NY, September 17, 2015

[Image: 70624538_702.jpg] [Image: 70624543_703.jpg] [Image: 70624546_704.jpg] [Image: 70624549_705.jpg] [Image: 70624554_706.jpg] [Image: 70624556_707.jpg] [Image: 70624561_708.jpg] [Image: 70624565_709.jpg] [Image: 70624569_710.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 19-09-2015

in NYC, September 16, 2015
[Image: e8hk4hdxgflf.jpg] [Image: yqjepsqfws6j.jpg] [Image: ibednruyj6xy.jpg] [Image: 7ql3vf1wbwqj.jpg] [Image: cloxcihr9ws4.jpg] [Image: xfhnjjmppbii.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 10-10-2015

[Image: wqpgob71cehe.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 13-10-2015

Health Magazine, November 2015

[Image: 71696200_713.jpg] [Image: 71696202_714.jpg] [Image: 71696206_715.jpg] [Image: 71696209_716.jpg] [Image: 71696214_729.jpg] [Image: 71696217_730.jpg] [Image: 71696221_731.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 13-10-2015

Victoria Justice - Health Magazine, November 2015

[Image: 97mfs6keghef.jpg] [Image: uqipk3hw9mi2.jpg] [Image: ih827q0145ka.jpg] [Image: kj580n68c5gz.jpg] [Image: tgmm3mb9202n.jpg] [Image: yzi4c9wxldrl.jpg] [Image: h1j9fl46sl4c.jpg] [Image: a8mp8akrx2yb.jpg] [Image: ltahdxadcv78.jpg] [Image: dl3alo2h0xh9.jpg] [Image: js1704ulxihp.jpg] [Image: b6ljajjvbxt5.jpg]

43 MB | 00:01:57 | 1280x720 | MP4

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 16-10-2015

Health Magazine, November 2015
[Image: k9l1dsir233l.jpg] [Image: qr0wphyfgvkc.jpg] [Image: u2n9u3kmsnsq.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 06-11-2015

[Image: jwrbilhf2fyq.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 01-12-2015

[Image: 2o584t2ofypt.jpg] [Image: r4ipktdkt9tb.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 06-01-2016

JetBlue's Soar with Reading Event, July 10, 2015

[Image: 8pu816ki3452.jpg] [Image: lrq1wiqas3cq.jpg] [Image: 7j4q9r9049hf.jpg] [Image: uog2sis266ga.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 26-01-2016

Project Mermaids Photoshoot 2015

[Image: 56m9rocbkugj.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 20-02-2016

Kode Magazine, LoveIsBlonde 2016

[Image: 79650648_746.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - susaward75 - 06-05-2016

Victoria Justice takes a swim with a friend at Fort Lauderdale Beach 5/5/2016

[Image: grs3fjqiwdeo.jpg] [Image: sfb5v4wiok8y.jpg] [Image: qc4kuvkdx52o.jpg] [Image: jt267wxzibn5.jpg] [Image: m2n6bvshd1wx.jpg] [Image: 6usoa5n92y0q.jpg] [Image: 259gk2m5es2a.jpg] [Image: enipcf5xb18o.jpg] [Image: 5t90zs1i0010.jpg] [Image: 4mwvn7ds05r1.jpg] [Image: uk631z9ndlr5.jpg] [Image: vuxptp7f0qmv.jpg] [Image: pixd3bbdqvl2.jpg] [Image: nvlmd7dr1yqo.jpg] [Image: fmuidks4vkvz.jpg] [Image: qjmu48xf7gg2.jpg] [Image: 83lg08z9o6kl.jpg] [Image: n1fvx2jvkdtr.jpg] [Image: 71dkg7novrlb.jpg] [Image: oqo8pgxuu9za.jpg] [Image: t83y3mrw7bo2.jpg] [Image: 8lo2af7tobkd.jpg] [Image: ujbs8i4zpltu.jpg] [Image: ixq2i5ic2dvp.jpg] [Image: 5uy80knuerl3.jpg] [Image: rirk0xec0kig.jpg] [Image: pxzt1equ8nw7.jpg] [Image: 3lrxnd4v9djs.jpg] [Image: nkv0i1wi4swq.jpg] [Image: b6l5y8e2icp4.jpg] [Image: rc6yfnbhuyyk.jpg] [Image: t8156psx4sx2.jpg] [Image: gmdhjwoakhns.jpg] [Image: 6t0mub61zzke.jpg] [Image: mqs1115imez8.jpg] [Image: u6vpv6d9ogbn.jpg] [Image: ilhkxqgaxyh4.jpg] [Image: 6ffh4j5ui4f4.jpg] [Image: ux5aqryb1qc8.jpg] [Image: m6inezl34azu.jpg] [Image: uvnwps2f7d4z.jpg] [Image: mhsv5se1rzft.jpg] [Image: nt9205wtmbme.jpg] [Image: fet9fmuly14b.jpg] [Image: h8f7gei53vav.jpg] [Image: g7o6eqlns4xz.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - susaward75 - 07-05-2016


[Image: 572dbe4ee6947.jpg]

RE: Victoria Justice - Stena - 04-06-2016

[Image: ba91msp08sm4.jpg]