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[July 23, 2017]
As some of you might have noticed, this forum is being cleaned up at the moment. We have been a free forum for years. However, it's time for a large clean-up. Why?

- Traditional phpBB-style forums are having a difficult time, due to the rise of social media.
- The old hardcore days of the main public Internet are over. Google favors websites with clean non-adult high quality content.
- Sexism is no longer tolerated in modern societies.
- Main stream advertiser do not accept adult content.
- Nudity and sexism chase other potential new and old members away.
- We are getting complaints from our members.
- Off-topic threads and posts do not get many views.
- Some weird stuff has been posted lately.

So, from this day on, we will be a main stream celebrity forum and we will require or members to sty on-topic. Some mild nudity is still accepted for the moment, as long as it is main stream celebrity stuff.

What will we do to achieve our new goals:
- We have closed and deleted 3 sub-forums.
- We have banned a couple of users, who where mainly interested in sex and nudity, rather then celibrity stuff. However, we thank them for their  participation and we'll hope they'll find a new home.
- We will delete old and new topics and posts that are not on-topic enough

We hope our new policy will benefit the continuation of this board. If it means this will be the end of the forum, so let it be. It takes a lot of time to run a forum like this and our servers are not free. The money we make from advertising at the moment is a couple of cents a day, not dollars! By far not enough to compensate the costs. We would like to thank every one for their participation and cooperation. If you do not like our new policy, you are free to go somewhere else. You might even set-up your own forum. It's very easy to do these days and won't cost you much (or even nothing).
... it's nothing ...
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