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Sara Sampaio
Short Bio
Sara Sampaio (born 21 July 1991) is a Portuguese model best known for being a Victoria's Secret Angel and working for Calzedonia, as well as her appearance in the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, a first for a Portuguese supermodel, for which she won Rookie of the Year. She has appeared in magazines such as GQ, Elle, Vogue, Glamour and Sports Illustrated. She won Portuguese Golden Globes in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015 for Best Female Model.

Sara was discovered at the age of 15, but was not allowed to compete in modeling competitions until the age of 16. At the age of 16, she won a hair modeling contest in Portugal called Cabelos Pantene 2007 contest. She had the chance to be in a commercial in Portugal. She got signed to an agency, but because of her strict parents, she had to finish high school, and went to the University in Lisbon. She was doing part time because she was not allowed to be homeschooled. While in Lisbon, she did editorial part time until she had the opportunity to go international.
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Sara Sampaio - Victoria’s Secret February 2016

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]
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Elle UK, May 2016

[Image: 3myad6o7b9wh.jpg] [Image: rak997ihdmtu.jpg] [Image: u1e3jaji6lu3.jpg] [Image: 3fdo62rhbvne.jpg] [Image: jnbi3mf3no9h.jpg] [Image: l564orfppk7c.jpg] [Image: l7dhs5n0byqz.jpg] [Image: 67dh2mr05lo1.jpg] [Image: yr8cp53m7zsu.jpg] [Image: dv0k0egg3ge1.jpg] [Image: wzdn9llu0fq4.jpg] [Image: eztogsajql1j.jpg]
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Sara Sampaio Balmain 2016 Met Gala After Party in NYC 5/2/16

[Image: 5729ba0348847.jpg] [Image: 5729ba04eee39.jpg] [Image: 5729ba05b7793.jpg] [Image: 5729ba08a4633.jpg] [Image: 5729ba0a40d86.jpg] [Image: 5729ba0b0b12b.jpg] [Image: 5729ba0e7135f.jpg] [Image: 5729ba1048006.jpg] [Image: 5729ba13341cb.jpg]
Sara Sampaio - Maxim's May 2016 Cover Girl

[Image: 5729d8531648c.jpg]

72.99 MB | 1:29 | 1280 x 720 | .avi
by Mario Testino's Towel Series Photoshoot

[Image: g5jlfuuo86s7.jpg]
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by Mariano Vivanco Photoshoot for GQ Spain, July/August 2016

[Image: jo2ln6r2zs24.jpg] [Image: x96kammtzwhu.jpg] [Image: 4ntskaf3j1bj.jpg] [Image: qid88je4g9sl.jpg] [Image: he08k1tyd148.jpg] [Image: l85ezefym85g.jpg] [Image: hah4sc9peawv.jpg] [Image: nyw6r5e46968.jpg] [Image: 0da8dlk1fstz.jpg] [Image: cajo8op6cgee.jpg]
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by Gavin Bond for GQ México, September 2016
[Image: y9syqelom4i9.jpg] [Image: mzo65g6gd89q.jpg] [Image: 83uomgcidlqs.jpg] [Image: 3n7wikbab6o5.jpg] [Image: kkqj0jh03d5b.jpg] [Image: 9ea9491waad0.jpg] [Image: lw4d59bdcv8m.jpg] [Image: 55ed45tl0oqk.jpg] [Image: zbu3iwztwpu5.jpg]
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Sara Sampaio topless, Vogue, Spain

[Image: 57cd7e976c622.jpg]
Sara Sampaio amfAR Gala at Museo della Permanente in Milan, Italy 9/24/16

[Image: 57e75258daff0.jpg] [Image: 57e7525da809e.jpg] [Image: 57e752627a6b8.jpg] [Image: 57e7525f84c95.jpg] [Image: 57e752655d515.jpg] [Image: 57e7526a096fd.jpg] [Image: 57e7526619ffa.jpg] [Image: 57e75269caddc.jpg] [Image: 57e7526db550e.jpg] [Image: 57e7526df1cd0.jpg] [Image: 57e75272db43e.jpg]
Sara Sampaio lipslip

[Image: 57e785391bff3.jpg]
Sara Sampio - Nude - Photoshoot

[Image: 58027a809ea07.jpg] [Image: 58027a8234555.jpg] [Image: 58027a8368f01.jpg] [Image: 58027a83effcd.jpg] [Image: 58027a8599f46.jpg] [Image: 58027a86c790b.jpg] [Image: 58027a885b390.jpg] [Image: 58027a8b8c511.jpg] [Image: 58027a8eb924e.jpg]
Sara Sampaio - Victoria's Secret - October 2016

[Image: 5803d87b1833b.jpg] [Image: 5803d87cb8fff.jpg] [Image: 5803d87dd630d.jpg] [Image: 5803d88037402.jpg] [Image: 5803d8812c2f2.jpg] [Image: 5803d88257abf.jpg] [Image: 5803d8859c1e8.jpg] [Image: 5803d887144e6.jpg] [Image: 5803d888002ed.jpg] [Image: 5803d88996857.jpg] [Image: 5803d88ad12b7.jpg] [Image: 5803d88c7085c.jpg]
Sara Sampaio God's Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards in NYC 10/17/16

[Image: 5805dd8d60bf9.jpg] [Image: 5805dd8f82a05.jpg] [Image: 5805dd930c440.jpg] [Image: 5805dd9819d3d.jpg] [Image: 5805dd9a589d9.jpg]
Sara Sampaio - LOVE Advent 2016

[Image: s7phgs4jvl5v.jpg] [Image: ccym83joi1lu.jpg] [Image: sd5vfmm216ui.jpg] [Image: zloo8tx7np1u.jpg] [Image: 2p34678v0w4j.jpg] [Image: 5lmch8vv3kk3.jpg]

12 MB | 00:01:06 | 1280x720 | MP4

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Sara Sampio - Seethrough - GQ

[Image: 58921da30111a.jpg] [Image: 58921da8881d7.jpg]
Sara Sampaio - Nude - Photoshoot

[Image: 589a0f6d6496d.jpg] [Image: 589a0f6f12ca9.jpg] [Image: 589a0f702597b.jpg] [Image: 589a0f71304e9.jpg] [Image: 589a0f72654f9.jpg] [Image: 589a0f73bf025.jpg] [Image: 589a0f74ddce8.jpg] [Image: 589a0f764e35b.jpg]
Sara Sampaio - Victoria's Secret - February 2017

[Image: dlmjrtugkvjw.jpg] [Image: jwj800xhh0sx.jpg] [Image: jm9mdh6c20f7.jpg] [Image: 9xq4zrgehh8h.jpg] [Image: uhoopkrcjbvo.jpg] [Image: c5ffv0lxlz5z.jpg] [Image: 83lhzsnx0pje.jpg] [Image: p0zcphtnj2mm.jpg] [Image: p07uf25tu696.jpg]
Sara Sampio - Topless - Elle UK

[Image: 589dc209e9cc9.jpg]
Sara Sampaio bikini on a yacht in Cannes 5/22/17

[Image: thumb-812E_5924F56D.jpg] [Image: thumb-FC3C_5924F56D.jpg] [Image: thumb-ABC1_5924F56D.jpg] [Image: thumb-D58E_5924F56D.jpg] [Image: thumb-D836_5924F56D.jpg] [Image: thumb-AC6D_5924F56D.jpg] [Image: thumb-531F_5924F56D.jpg] [Image: thumb-3C11_5924F56D.jpg] [Image: thumb-55D8_5924F56D.jpg] [Image: thumb-D2B0_5924F56D.jpg] [Image: thumb-7FBD_5924F56D.jpg] [Image: thumb-FA5F_5924F56D.jpg] [Image: thumb-5E38_5924F56D.jpg] [Image: thumb-A381_5924F56D.jpg]