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Ola Jordan
Ola Jordan in a tiny blue bikini in Dubai 4/3/16

[Image: 56dab5bc73723.jpg] [Image: 56dab5bf472f1.jpg] [Image: 56dab5c0b30ef.jpg] [Image: 56dab5cb94954.jpg] [Image: 56dab5ce1fb8e.jpg] [Image: 56dab5d010b1c.jpg] [Image: 56dab5c4b47fa.jpg] [Image: 56dab5c782eeb.jpg] 
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Short Bio
Aleksandra "Ola" Jordan (née Grabowska; born 30 September 1982) is a professional ballroom dancer. She appeared as a professional on the British TV show Strictly Come Dancing from 2006 to 2015. After winning a championship event in her native Poland, Ola moved to England and began a new partnership with James Jordan. They married on 12 October 2003[2] and live near Maidstone in Kent.

Ola has been dancing since the age of twelve when her school advertised for a dance club. Before dancing with James Jordan, she had danced with Przemek Lowicki in Poland. She won Poland's Open Championships in 1999.
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Ola Jordan Doing Yoga in a thong bikini 26/04/2016

[Image: 572ac82b6cc2e.jpg] [Image: 572ac83d1040e.jpg] [Image: 572ac84f1bafe.jpg] [Image: 572ac860b648a.jpg] [Image: 572ac8724b8e4.jpg] [Image: 572ac83bd26b4.jpg] [Image: 572ac848c2632.jpg] [Image: 572ac85d98a95.jpg] [Image: 572ac86beaab0.jpg] [Image: 572ac87cbc613.jpg] [Image: 572ac8409283b.jpg] [Image: 572ac84ce558e.jpg] [Image: 572ac85f77b12.jpg] [Image: 572ac86e513b6.jpg] [Image: 572ac877b5663.jpg] [Image: 572ac841e2a09.jpg] [Image: 572ac85136fcc.jpg] [Image: 572ac85ccf1ff.jpg] [Image: 572ac86bcf5e7.jpg] [Image: 572ac87ca6513.jpg] [Image: 572ac84bcbffb.jpg] [Image: 572ac85d4efaf.jpg] [Image: 572ac86cd62ea.jpg] [Image: 572ac87d695fb.jpg] [Image: 572ac88c97d51.jpg] [Image: 572ac84f5d850.jpg] [Image: 572ac85e62da6.jpg] [Image: 572ac870a831a.jpg] [Image: 572ac881021ef.jpg]
Ola Jordan - Cameltoe Tiny Blue Bikini In Dubai

[Image: 5783a2645f97d.jpg] [Image: 5783a275d81f6.jpg] [Image: 5783a272b6d3a.jpg] [Image: 5783a275aa8b7.jpg] [Image: 5783a2786d9ff.jpg] [Image: 88104013_ola_jordan_wearing_a_bikini_i.jpg] [Image: 88104018_ola_jordan_wearing_a_bikini_i.jpg] [Image: 88104025_ola_jordan_wearing_a_bikini_i.jpg] [Image: 5783a300baf93.jpg] [Image: 5783a31fcb0bb.jpg] [Image: 5783a33e85270.jpg]
Ola Jordan - Seethrough - Paul Strank Charity Gala in London, 9/23/17

[Image: 59ccd961796d4.jpg] [Image: 59ccd968303ad.jpg] [Image: 59ccd971465ef.jpg] [Image: 59ccd983ea4f2.jpg] [Image: 59ccd9992820c.jpg] [Image: 59ccd9a7646f1.jpg] [Image: 59ccd9b0580ae.jpg] [Image: 59ccd9b9e30b0.jpg] [Image: 59ccda07a2121.jpg] [Image: 59ccda0eab591.jpg] [Image: 59ccda1f29ec6.jpg]
Ola Jordan - 2018 Calendar Photoshoot

[Image: 5a214baf78f26.jpg] [Image: 5a214bb51e7c5.jpg]