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Erika Jordan
Erika Jordan - Criminal Desires (2013)

[Image: 56dee2cf6771a.jpg] 

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Short Bio
Erika (born 19 May 1982, Ansbach, Bavaria, Germany). The family moved to Tucson, Arizona at an early age. She currently lives in Southern California, working as an actress, dating consultant, and certified physical fitness trainer. Erika Jordan is a prolific actress, glamour model, and sex columnist. She most recently appeared in "Chavez, Cage of Glory", co-starred in the epic thriller After Midnight, got eaten by a shark in Avalanche Sharks and amused us as the host of Playboy TV's "Just the Tip" as their 'Summer Goddess.'
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Erika Jordan - Criminal Desires (2013)

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Erika Jordan Red Bikini For Red Nose Day

[Image: lpyslhvkwz5l.jpg] [Image: noqkik3ko4jg.jpg] [Image: 08luqjmxna4u.jpg] [Image: 45c8zlmxmvhe.jpg] [Image: cau4pg1um5ln.jpg] [Image: touhxnqjro71.jpg] [Image: wgxgo5njez77.jpg] [Image: i4assnhnz9st.jpg] [Image: y30of6hcm50k.jpg]
Erika Jordan – shoots her risque Thanksgiving greeting card for her fans, 11/20/17

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Erika Jordan - Instagram - All Pics from November 2017

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Erika Jordan - Lingerie for Christman - 16 Decmber, 2017

[Image: 5a362c68a8b16.jpg] [Image: 5a362c6b6a6d8.jpg]
Erika Jordan shoots special Christmas Eve gift to her fans in L.A., 12/23/17

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Erika Jordan celebrates National Milk in LA 1/10/18

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Erika Jordan - Bunny - 1/19/18

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