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Nina Dobrev
Cosmopolitan magazine, September 2013

[Image: zp73wvgh1s62.jpg] [Image: op27ifihwekm.jpg] [Image: rq2qkyltn0kd.jpg] [Image: r1snemh3zt0o.jpg] [Image: smc3etn2ywjx.jpg] [Image: knq1r6ksc0py.jpg] [Image: 0txn47rvbbw4.jpg] [Image: 0dwhpbaej8i6.jpg] [Image: wdd50rdsx3tz.jpg] [Image: l1268b2qw5pb.jpg]
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Short Bio
Nina Dobrev (born Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva January 9, 1989) is a Bulgarian Canadian actress and model. She played the role of Mia Jones on the drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation in seasons six to nine (2006–09). She then played the role of Elena Gilbert on The CW's supernatural drama series The Vampire Diaries (2009–15). Dobrev has also starred in the 2012 drama film The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the 2014 comedy Let's Be Cops, and the 2015 horror-comedy The Final Girls.

Dobrev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, as Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva, and moved to Canada at the age of two, where she was raised in Toronto, Ontario. She speaks fluent English and Bulgarian. She has an older brother, Aleksandar Dobrev. Her father, Konstantin Dobrev, is a computer specialist, and her mother, Mihaela Dobreva (née Radeva), is an artist.

Dobrev attended J. B. Tyrrell Sr. Public School, where she started ballet and jazz classes, and competed in rhythmic gymnastics. Then, she attended the arts program at Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts in Scarborough, Ontario, and Ryerson University in Toronto, majoring in sociology. She left in 2008 to pursue her acting career. She took acting classes at Armstrong Acting Studios in Toronto.
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Nina Dobrev night out in Rio 12/04/16

[Image: 5845ab1b4fdb5.jpg] [Image: 5845ab1fcc002.jpg] [Image: 5845ab25504f3.jpg] [Image: 5845ab2d1e010.jpg] [Image: 5845ab311a332.jpg] [Image: 5845ab3ad2621.jpg] [Image: 5845ab4530550.jpg] [Image: 5845ab4a9e829.jpg] [Image: 5845ab50dc3ad.jpg] [Image: 5845ab5794618.jpg] [Image: 5845ab5be305f.jpg] [Image: 5845ab5fc3db7.jpg] [Image: 5845ab6643370.jpg] [Image: 5845ab69988bb.jpg] [Image: 5845ab6d102fe.jpg] [Image: 5845ab7154ae6.jpg] [Image: 5845ab738fa19.jpg] [Image: 5845ab78c113e.jpg] [Image: 5845ab7f78d5c.jpg] [Image: 5845ab833c3c8.jpg]
Nina Dobrev At the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 12/3/2016

[Image: 584673b2ef8ba.jpg] [Image: 584673b588f99.jpg] [Image: 584673bb093ff.jpg] [Image: 584673c19b98e.jpg] [Image: 584673c638732.jpg] [Image: 584673c81732c.jpg] [Image: 584673bf521ea.jpg] [Image: 584673c830347.jpg] [Image: 584673d4a01fd.jpg] [Image: 584673c785038.jpg] [Image: 584673d1c4b82.jpg] [Image: 584673ddd67fe.jpg] [Image: 584673cd247a8.jpg] [Image: 584673d8dee9b.jpg] [Image: 584673e2cd98c.jpg] [Image: 584673cb8f6ba.jpg] [Image: 584673d6c8e33.jpg] [Image: 584673e281197.jpg]
[Image: 96581639_210.jpg]

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[Image: kw067f35kujr.jpg] [Image: gdcwfaupnzxu.jpg]

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Nina Dobrev - The - Late Late Show with James Corden - 1-19-2017
[Image: 98983911_ndjc1191701.jpg] [Image: 98983919_ndjc1191702.jpg] [Image: 98983925_ndjc1191703.jpg] [Image: 98983930_ndjc1191704.jpg] [Image: 98983934_ndjc1191705.jpg] [Image: 98983937_ndjc1191706.jpg] [Image: 98983943_ndjc1191707.jpg] [Image: 98983950_ndjc1191708.jpg] [Image: 98983961_ndjc1191709.jpg] [Image: 98983976_ndjc1191710.jpg] [Image: 98983992_ndjc1191711.jpg] [Image: 98984012_ndjc1191712.jpg] [Image: 98984039_ndjc1191713.jpg] [Image: 98984050_ndjc1191714.jpg] [Image: 98984056_ndjc1191715.jpg] [Image: 98984064_ndjc1191716.jpg]
[Image: 6rWz4StC.jpg]
467 MB | 16 Minutes | 1280x720 | MKV NDJC11917.mkv
Nina Dobrev - Harry - 1-24-2017
[Image: 588b9a885a8da.jpg] [Image: 588b9a932a6f7.jpg] [Image: 588b9a99e2b86.jpg] [Image: 588b9aa21c697.jpg] [Image: 588b9aaa0f8d3.jpg] [Image: 588b9ab2165a7.jpg] [Image: 588b9ab99f44e.jpg] [Image: 588b9ac04335e.jpg] [Image: 588b9ac96c0b8.jpg] [Image: 588b9ad072a00.jpg] [Image: 588b9ad809dbf.jpg] [Image: 588b9ade7b888.jpg] [Image: 588b9ae907cb7.jpg] [Image: 588b9af0750b5.jpg] [Image: 588b9af93dcb1.jpg]
[Image: TllGn6nR.jpg]
257 MB | 6 Min 44 Sec | 1920x1080 | MP4
Nina Dobrev - The Vampire Diaries S06E03 (2014) [720p][bikini]

[Image: 305e25538610931.jpg] [Image: 8db456538610972.jpg] [Image: b4561a538611004.jpg] [Image: 29efe9538611027.jpg] [Image: 64a5e9538611059.jpg] [Image: ac13b3538611085.jpg] 

avi | 1280x720 | 00:49 | 28.2 mb
Nina Dobrev - Instagram Story (March 2017) [bikini]

[Image: 0IXjwF16.jpg] [Image: DgxwbSAO.jpg] [Image: Y6dom80D.jpg] [Image: hKiAtsc8.jpg] [Image: LuhOXBia.jpg] [Image: VCvLVPO2.jpg] [Image: aKWcgxbp.jpg] [Image: oIfao985.jpg] [Image: HS93z22M.jpg] [Image: w5IDEO1k.jpg] [Image: KznI91nw.jpg] [Image: OTdSiRc5.jpg] [Image: Jg7mA5fe.jpg] [Image: Z7b8HTBJ.jpg] [Image: bzv4mLfo.jpg] [Image: l8xOztGb.jpg] [Image: fvlWfrQa.jpg] [Image: sINnAGW3.jpg]

Format : MP4
File Size: 21 Mb
Resolution: 640x1136
Duration: 00:15
Video Codec: MPEG4 Video (H264)

Nina Dobrev - Funny or Die (2012) [720p][bikini]

[Image: 8d601f550369998.jpg] [Image: 0969a7550370007.jpg] [Image: a5e47f550370021.jpg] [Image: ac0054550370026.jpg] [Image: cdad3c550370037.jpg] [Image: 3e998a550370039.jpg] [Image: 77a3be550370045.jpg] [Image: dac401550370050.jpg] 

avi | 1280x720 | 02:01 | 83.4 mb | no pass
Nina Dobrev Shooting a video for the new Reebok fitness clothing line in Venice, CA 6/28/17

[Image: 595508533a3c5.jpg] [Image: 59550858394b3.jpg] [Image: 59550860cf267.jpg] [Image: 59550865b36dd.jpg] [Image: 5955086b2ff0a.jpg] [Image: 59550874528d1.jpg] [Image: 59550879b3684.jpg] [Image: 5955087e4bd11.jpg] [Image: 595508869fd83.jpg] [Image: 5955088bac416.jpg] [Image: 595508900901e.jpg] [Image: 595508979391a.jpg] [Image: 5955089c49a0c.jpg] [Image: 595508a094de0.jpg] [Image: 595508a4b4ea0.jpg] [Image: 595508acb98bd.jpg] [Image: 595508b1d5bd0.jpg] [Image: 595508b687845.jpg] [Image: 595508bcc09f8.jpg] [Image: 595508c2b8907.jpg] [Image: 595508c9b0aa5.jpg] [Image: 595508cf5fe9f.jpg] [Image: 595508d5413dd.jpg] [Image: 595508dd76a62.jpg] [Image: 595508e411027.jpg] [Image: 595508e9f2473.jpg] [Image: 595508f0362fc.jpg] [Image: 595508f5d59c2.jpg] [Image: 595508fbad19e.jpg] [Image: 5955090178382.jpg] [Image: 595509084a7ea.jpg] [Image: 5955090b7a9fa.jpg] [Image: 59550912b485e.jpg] [Image: 5955091c476ee.jpg] [Image: 5955092408978.jpg]
Men's Health, December 2016
[Image: h8w6trx0ty5f.jpg] [Image: ggf6pcum36kq.jpg] [Image: 09f26qbl24ok.jpg] [Image: 7fct29vrn5wj.jpg] [Image: 0mjgjy0mwfmu.jpg] [Image: kuzgce3d0xj5.jpg]

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Nina Dobrev - Jimmy Kimmel Live - 9-14-2017
[Image: 112049686_ndjk9141701.jpg] [Image: 112049687_ndjk9141702.jpg] [Image: 112049688_ndjk9141703.jpg] [Image: 112049689_ndjk9141704.jpg] [Image: 112049690_ndjk9141705.jpg] [Image: 112049691_ndjk9141706.jpg] [Image: 112049692_ndjk9141707.jpg] [Image: 112049693_ndjk9141708.jpg] [Image: 112049694_ndjk9141709.jpg] [Image: 112049695_ndjk9141710.jpg] [Image: 112049696_ndjk9141711.jpg]
[Image: th_187162240_NDJK91417.mp4_thumbs_2017.0..._427lo.jpg]
66 MB | 5 Minutes | 1280x1078 | MP4 NDJK91417.mp4

[Image: 59c817c4b4125.gif]
Nina Dobrev - The Talk - 9-27-2017
[Image: th_414773218_NDTK92717.m4v_snapshot_00.3..._179lo.jpg] [Image: th_414776515_NDTK92717.m4v_snapshot_00.3..._226lo.jpg] [Image: th_414779502_NDTK92717.m4v_snapshot_00.4..._547lo.jpg] [Image: th_414781761_NDTK92717.m4v_snapshot_01.3..._418lo.jpg] [Image: th_414784608_NDTK92717.m4v_snapshot_01.3..._186lo.jpg] [Image: th_414791240_NDTK92717.m4v_snapshot_02.5..._182lo.jpg] [Image: th_414794434_NDTK92717.m4v_snapshot_03.1..._349lo.jpg] [Image: th_414796151_NDTK92717.m4v_snapshot_04.4..._455lo.jpg] [Image: th_414799911_NDTK92717.m4v_snapshot_05.2..._393lo.jpg] [Image: th_414801972_NDTK92717.m4v_snapshot_05.3..._214lo.jpg] [Image: th_414803298_NDTK92717.m4v_snapshot_05.3...2_81lo.jpg]
[Image: th_414805399_NDTK92717.m4v_thumbs_2017.1..._458lo.jpg]
111 MB | 5 Min 50 Sec | 1280x1076 | M4v NDTK92717.m4v
Nina Dobrev Workout, November 2017

[Image: mzf7b74udba9.jpg] [Image: wclt2bymmq1r.jpg] [Image: 79ljalwjxfqt.jpg] [Image: v5aukpqhjghz.jpg] [Image: azwnzwnm5fa7.jpg] [Image: 7vc5el69cm30.jpg]
55 MB | 00:01:15 | 640x1136 | mp4

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Nina Dobrev - Sexy Workout, December 6, 2017

[Image: eitsq92zr4n0.jpg] [Image: ugzl3n2zgnvi.jpg] [Image: 4so6ml2tjd0a.jpg] [Image: 7v7rmkm5jf39.jpg] [Image: 3o3t5lmn50sm.jpg] [Image: wdim73fwulds.jpg] [Image: h5s667141f9s.jpg] [Image: y8gjbhvza2dg.jpg] [Image: 9baa08f2gx5p.jpg] [Image: 7z87ghg66e4f.jpg] [Image: e57fk6eg1u5v.jpg] [Image: yefx14hyn3my.jpg] [Image: m314e8qq4q9a.jpg] [Image: knmwmhb8rr2b.jpg]
14 MB | 00:00:55 | 640x1136 | mp4

[Image: gu9vkv2b2kar.jpg] [Image: lawy7eoen1wj.jpg] [Image: d5imtq43ubc8.jpg] [Image: zumg5gny96c2.jpg]
[Image: xwim01gggjf0.jpg]

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[Image: e9021l6oi53q.jpg] [Image: gwyx3kmh0l6j.jpg] [Image: 0hm20mbowlij.jpg]

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