Myleene Klass
Myleene Klass bikini cameltoe & pubic peek at Barbados Beach

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Short Bio
Myleene Angela Klass (born 6 April 1978) is an English singer, pianist, media figure and model, best known as a member of the now defunct pop band Hear'Say. They released two studio albums and four singles, the first two of which reached number one on the UK singles chart. Klass independently released two solo classical crossover albums in 2003 and 2007.

More recently, Klass is better known as a television and radio presenter; she has hosted television shows including Popstar to Operastar (2010–2011) and BBQ Champ (2015–present) on ITV and The One Show (2007) on BBC One. She was briefly a regular panellist on the ITV lunchtime chat show Loose Women in 2014. In April 2012 her net worth was estimated at £11 million.

Klass was born in Gorleston, Norfolk, to an Austrian father and a Filipino mother. She has a sister Jessie and brother Don. She comes from six generations of classical musicians on her father's side: Klass's paternal grandmother was an opera singer and her paternal grandfather left his violin to her, which she learned to play. Klass began to learn the piano and violin from the age of four and then the harp at 12. She took Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music exams in violin, piano and voice. She received an A grade in A-level music, and became a Norfolk County scholar. At the age of 12, she won a school engineering contest, with a prize presented by Carol Vorderman.

Klass attended St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School, then Cliff Park High School in Gorleston, before going to Notre Dame High School, Norwich, for a short time. While at school, she spent her Saturdays studying singing at the Junior Department of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. After two years studying A-levels at Great Yarmouth College, she later took a musical theatre course at the Royal Academy of Music, University of London.

After graduating, Klass spent a short period as part of a reality show for Bravo, called The Dolls' House. She sang backing vocals for Cliff Richard, and made her West End theatre debut in Miss Saigon.

In 2001, Klass auditioned for the ITV reality show Popstars, which offered contestants an opportunity to become part of a newly formed pop band. Klass was chosen as one of the 10 finalists and became a member of Hear'Say, alongside Kym Marsh, Suzanne Shaw, Danny Foster and Noel Sullivan. Following the success of their first album, the band was given their own TV show entitled Hear'Say It's Saturday. During the show's run, the band had a chance to perform with such established artists as Lionel Richie, Celine Dion, Bradley Walsh, Blue and Atomic Kitten. At the end of 2001, Hear'Say appeared on the Royal Variety Performance.

Subsequently, the group achieved a 37-date sold-out arena tour and performed numerous television guest appearances. Klass made many appearances with Hear'Say on TV and in live performances during 2002.[citation needed] The pop act's many promotional appearances during the year were also broadcast as part of their own TV shows, entitled Hear'Say: A New Chapter in Full and The Hear'Say Story. In total, Hear'Say had four Top 10 singles including two number-ones in the British charts, before splitting after a reported long-term feud between Klass and Marsh. The feud resulted in Marsh leaving the band in December 2001, to be replaced by Johnny Shentall in 2002.

Almost a year after the Hear'Say break-up on 13 May 2003, Klass signed a five-album deal with Universal Classics and Jazz.
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Myleene Klass bikini at Ibiza

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Myleene Klass Aerola Slip

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Myleene Klass deep cleavage at some movie premiere

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Myleene Klass – Leaving Global Radio London 24/01/17

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She looked amazing with her two daughters on New Year , sun-soaked trip to Sri Lanka
Myleene Klass bikini on the beach in Sri Lanka, April 2017

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Myleene Klass - Bikini on the beach in Portugal 7/29/17

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Myleene Klass - red swim wear during holiday in Portugal 11/9/17

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