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Saori des Rives
Saori des Rives - P Magazine, Oct 2015 

[Image: 574ab9ac1924b.jpg] [Image: 574ab9aeb706e.jpg] [Image: 574ab9b1855de.jpg] [Image: 574ab9b1b6485.jpg] [Image: 574ab9b4e8106.jpg] [Image: 574ab9b72d98b.jpg] [Image: 574ab9b39f9a7.jpg] [Image: 574ab9b629b1a.jpg] [Image: 574ab9b70627b.jpg] [Image: 574ab9b8660be.jpg] [Image: 574ab9ba83bf0.jpg] [Image: 574ab9bb70d30.jpg]