Basic Notice, Rules, Guidelines & Recommendations

Your Post is Yours
Although this is a free forum, we do have some rules and guidelines:

Celeb6 staff reserve the right to remove or edit threads, posts, signatures and avatars at any time, for any reason. also reserves the right to ban any user, at any time, for any reason without notification.
Each member is 100% legally liable for the contents of their posts, not the owners or staff of this site.

Obey the board's structure; one thread per model, celebrity, subject/topic etc.
Stay on-topic.
No pictures that appear to be stolen, leaked, obtained from hackers or otherwise illegally obtained or shared.
No pictures from "The Fappening".
No flaming/bashing.
No trolling.
No pornography. Some mild nudity is tolerated as long as it's main stream celeb stuff.
No advertising.
No spamming.
No flooding.
No proxies.
No fake pictures / videos.
No Playboy images or links to Playboy images on other servers.
No offensive or illegal content. This includes illegal software ("warez"), copyrighted materials, child porn, images depicting cruelty to animals or people, images or text showing racism or other content widely considered offensive.
Do not post any personal information.

Guidelines & Recommendations
When starting a new thread about a celeb, start the thread with a short bio.
Please use thumbnails when posting images.
Don't hotlink to images on other websites/servers. Use image hosts instead.
Max. avatar size: 100 x100 / 300 kb.
Images in signatures: disabled;
Links in signatures: 1 link allowed (signature links have nofollow enabled).
When you don't like something posted, don't wine. Simply go somewhere else.
Don't double post something within 2 years.
Don't use regular topics for testing please. Use our test thread instead.
Paid image hosting: allowed.
Paid File (Video) Hosting: allowed.
... it's nothing ...