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Jasmine Tosh
Jasmine Tosh - Bikini candids in Miami ~ March 2016

[Image: 56e7fa8b9fea8.jpg] [Image: 56e7fa8d0b36f.jpg] [Image: 56e7fa8ea2b62.jpg] [Image: 56e7fa9035394.jpg] [Image: 56e7fa91d332a.jpg] [Image: 56e7fa933e219.jpg]
Short Bio
Jasmine Tosh Lately is a fashion, swimwear, and travel Blogger, socialite, TV host, and model. She was born in Northern California, has lived in Miami and now lives in Los Angeles. Jasmine loves photography, traveling, shopping, blogging, animals, and making appearances at events. Currently, Jasmine is focusing on both traveling more and managing her blog.
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Jasmine Tosh in bikini on Miami Beach 12/28/16

[Image: 586545601c4dd.jpg] [Image: 586545638c0db.jpg] [Image: 58654566d965b.jpg] [Image: 58654568ba934.jpg] [Image: 5865456b13b8a.jpg] [Image: 5865456e01166.jpg] [Image: 586545715c2af.jpg] [Image: 5865457610444.jpg] [Image: 5865457bd1894.jpg] [Image: 5865458147e05.jpg]
Jasmine Tosh In Bikini on the Beach in Miami 4/5/17

[Image: 58e65f70a2307.jpg] [Image: 58e65f722234f.jpg] [Image: 58e65f73473e8.jpg] [Image: 58e65f747159b.jpg] [Image: 58e65f770a2f3.jpg] [Image: 58e65f7a29235.jpg] [Image: 58e65f7c271e1.jpg] [Image: 58e65f7e2ee17.jpg] [Image: 58e65f7fb4d33.jpg] [Image: 58e65f81d3573.jpg] [Image: 58e65f842674d.jpg] [Image: 58e65f85acc96.jpg] [Image: 58e65f87740d4.jpg] [Image: 58e65f8932370.jpg] [Image: 58e65f8aeb326.jpg]