Natasha Oakley
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Short Bio
Natasha Oakley (born July 14, 1991) is an Australian swimwear model as well as fashion and lifestyle blogger who co-founded the A Bikini A Day blog with Devin Brugman. She and Devin began designing swimsuits for their company Monday Swimwear. Her tashoakley Instagram account surpassed 1.7 million followers in January 2016.

Born in Australia, she lived in Maui before moving to Los Angeles, CA where she launched her career.

Her A Bikini A Day blog features a Quotes to Live By section featuring quotes from Marilyn Monroe and Blake Lively, among others.
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Monday Swimwear 2016 Summer Collection
with Devin Brugman
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Natasha Oakley pictured topless covered on set of a photoshoot in Sydney, 11/8/17

areola (between her Fingers)

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Natasha Oakley - photoshoot at the beach in Sydney 11/8/17

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Natasha Oakley looks great as she enjoys her vacation, Miami 12/11/17

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