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3. New members (as well as older members), should be treated with respect (See Rule #2) even if they ask a question that has been answered a thousand times before, simply refer them to the proper thread that answers their question. -- Do not yell at the member to use the search button, this is very disrespectful and can give the site an unwanted reputation. -- Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question if you don't know the answer to it.

Also, if you are new here, please use the Search feature to see if you can find the answer to your question.

4. Do not post any personal information (i.e. complete addresses, phone numbers, passwords, personal identification numbers, or any other information considered private) of yours, or others. This is for your protection, and the protection of others. If you are trading information due to a purchase, please use Private Messages, Email, Instant Messaging, or another form of communication.

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- Email verification is required when you create an account.
- For privacy reasons the forums are set up to allow you to hide your email address from other members if you choose.

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7. Post to the category that is most appropriate for the image, video or message. We realize that sometimes a video can cross multiple categories and it isn't exactly clear where it would be best to post. Please use your discretion wisely. When replying to a image, message or video, make sure that your reply is relevant to the original message (i.e. Stay on topic).

8. No Spamming and/or flooding. This will result in immediate suspension and/or deletion of your account.

9. If a message is unreadable due to spelling and / or grammar, it may be removed, as well as your posting privileges. We don't ask you to be a 'Spelling Bee' champion, or an English Major, only that you post messages that are legible and make sense. If you don't feel that you are competent enough to do this, please find your elementary school teachers, have them beat you for not paying attention, then take some courses at your local community college to educate yourself.

10. Each member is 100% legally liable for the contents of their posts, not the owners or staff of this site. If someone has a problem with a post and it does not violate any of the official rules of this site, then you must take it up with the author of the post directly. If it does violate rules of this site, then please use the 'Report this video' feature in each post.

11. No YELLING. For those that don't know, this is posting in all caps. It's rude and annoying, and if you do it, your post may be removed. - Posting in an extremely large font may also result in your message being edited, and/or removed.

12. No advertising, buying, selling, or trading. If you want to advertise for your company or business, please use the contact page for advertisement information.

13. This site is ad supported; it is adverts that (hopefully) pay the bills. The advertising program is managed by administrators and moderators. Posting affiliate links and banners by regular users is not allowed (and is probably also a violation of the rules of your affiliate program).
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