Michael Phelps Loses to 21-Year-Old Joseph Schooling Who Idolized Him as a Boy
Phelps was beaten by 21-year-old Singaporean Joseph Schoolingwho grew up idolizing the most decorated athlete in Olympic history. Joseph Schooling of Singapore built a big lead in the 100-meter butterfly and easily held off one of Phelps' patented comebacks, leaving him at 22 gold medals.

Back in 2008, just before competing in the Beijing Olympics that made him an international superstar, American swimmer Michael Phelps posed with a 13-year-old fan in Singapore. His name was Joseph Schooling. Joseph Schooling of Singapore was a 10-year-old when he first met Michael Phelps. When he was around 13 in 2008, he took the picture at the left with his idol:

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[Image: michaelphelpsandjosephschooling2008-mich...016.md.jpg]