Saoirse Ronan
The Hollywood Reporter, March 15, 2016

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Saoirse Una Ronan (born April 12, 1994) is an Irish and American actress. She is a two-time Academy Award nominee; receiving Best Supporting Actress nomination for Atonement (2007), and a Best Actress nomination for Brooklyn (2015). She also received three BAFTA Award nominations, two Golden Globe nominations, two Screen Actors Guild nominations and two Satellite Award.

She had her feature film debut in the romantic comedy I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007). Other notable film roles include City of Ember (2008), The Lovely Bones (2009), Hanna (2011), The Way Back (2010), Byzantium (2012), The Host (2013), and The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014).

In January 2016, Ronan featured in Forbes '30 Under 30' in both the European and USA editions.[6] In March 2016, Ronan made her Broadway debut in a revival of the The Crucible, playing the role of Abigail Williams in which she received much acclaim. In June 2016, Ronan appeared on the cover of TIME Magazine, one of ten young leaders selected as 'Next Generation Leaders'.

Born in The Bronx, in New York City, Ronan is the only child of Irish parents Monica (née Brennan) and Paul Ronan, who were living in New York City at the time. Her father is also an actor, and her mother had acted as a child. Ronan's family moved to County Carlow, Ireland, when she was three years old, before moving to Howth, County Dublin when she was a teen.
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Saoirse Ronan - Late Night with Seth Meyers - 11-28-2017
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Saoirse Ronan & Kristen Wiig - Variety Actors on Actors - 11-12-2017
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Saoirse Ronan - Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - 1-10-2018
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Saoirse Ronan - The Talk - 11-15-2017
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Saoirse Ronan - Jimmy Kimmel Live - 2-23-18
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