Sofia Richie
Born: August 24, 1998 (age 18)

Sofia Richie Nip slip, out shopping with a girlfriend in Beverly Hills 9/21/16

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Sofia Richie (August 24, 1998, Los Angeles, CA) is a sister of Nicole Richie and daughter of Lionel Richie. Sofia became a professional model after landing her first modeling gig with Mary Grace Swim. She also began starring in the show Candidly Nicole with her sister. In 2015, Madonna announced that Sofia would be the new face of her Material Girl clothing line.

She and Nicole were born 17 years apart. Nicole was adopted by Lionel in 1983. Her mother is Diane Alexander and she has a brother named Miles. She began a relationship with Justin Bieber in 2016. She previously dated Jake Andrews. Sofia became good friends with Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner.
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by James White for Wonderland magazine, Winter issue 2016/2017

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Paris Hilton & Sofia Richie at Tape Nightclub in London 1/20/ 2017

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Sofia Richie – Thong Bkini – at the Malibu beach with some friends 9/2/17

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Sofia Richie - Bikini - on vacation in Mexico 10/1/17

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Sofia Richie - no bra sheer top at Bristol Farms 5/1/17

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Sofia Richie - in Mexico off a Super Yacht, 1/15/18

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