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Beth Behrs
Beth Behrs is an American actress and singer, best known for her current role as Caroline Channing in the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls.

Beth Behrs - Esquire February 2014
[Image: 5880ec9ebaaf2.jpg] [Image: 5880eca19bdd1.jpg] [Image: 5880eca2ea108.jpg] [Image: 5880eca424dac.jpg] [Image: 5880eca4e3902.jpg] [Image: 5880eca5c22d9.jpg]
Beth Behrs (born December 26, 1985) is an American actress and singer, best known for her current role as Caroline Channing in the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls (2011—present).

Behrs was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the elder daughter of David Behrs, a college administrator, and Maureen Behrs, a first grade teacher. She has a sister who is six years younger. In 1989 her family moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, where she was raised. She began performing in theater at age four and played soccer while growing up. She was a student at E.C. Glass High School.

At age 15, Behrs relocated with her family to Marin County, California. She began attending Tamalpais High School in 2001, and was accepted into the school's highly regarded drama program. Behrs studied at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, and went on to perform in the musical Dangling Conversations: The Music of Simon and Garfunkel, and the plays Korczak’s Children, and A Bright Room Called Day. She was classically trained as a singer.
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Beth Behrs - Ellen Degeneres - 1-27-2017
[Image: 588d01ef1c832.jpg] [Image: 588d01f0d23c4.jpg] [Image: 588d01f48c409.jpg] [Image: 588d01f84ddb1.jpg] [Image: 588d01fb6c48a.jpg] [Image: 588d01fe26c14.jpg] [Image: 588d020157dd0.jpg] [Image: 588d02041ff39.jpg] [Image: 588d020781977.jpg] [Image: 588d020ab06c8.jpg] [Image: 588d020d4194a.jpg] [Image: 588d020f99f22.jpg]
[Image: zWQkyIKs.jpg]
116 MB | 9 Min 18 Sec | 1280x720 | M4V BBED12717.m4v
Beth Behrs, Kat Dennings - "2 Broke Girls" S06E16
( NOTE: The first few caps with Beth and Kat in waitress uniforms and coats are not in the video. )
[Image: okqlfwnzhr2v.jpg][Image: mbe3bo3qcenn.jpg][Image: b1mw35mcaao1.jpg]
[Image: 8wcjsqkmf54t.jpg][Image: 0s867x299bvx.jpg][Image: qsdzby6t7qr7.jpg]
[Image: 1bcn2xanubsp.jpg][Image: oyzenifi6j0y.jpg][Image: zgedkp4yozyb.jpg]
[Image: 4doqfmit3dte.jpg][Image: cto810yt1gzd.jpg][Image: 19hoefy4sdjm.jpg]
[Image: cik312av8ad0.jpg][Image: ka504r1wgqf8.jpg][Image: 7ieut8gctash.jpg]
[Image: 824v85s483v4.jpg][Image: 0hsa1vjfjusg.jpg][Image: a5u5u1l1sfsi.jpg]
[Image: 91nrni08hf1i.jpg][Image: twu5cwivzbs5.jpg][Image: exl54uotm9xu.jpg]
[Image: ghayito97ppx.jpg][Image: vtsv7r7tau5s.jpg][Image: r2f2ed8soaua.jpg]
[Image: urfctmfvu7ri.jpg][Image: 2wfu3rf98afl.jpg][Image: fga7l262vevc.jpg]
[Image: 2g0k60fdo92d.jpg][Image: h5kgpqg8kssk.jpg][Image: hgbcnf2ykl1k.jpg]
[Image: dks4bolg1b46.jpg][Image: 5yhxowsvt6q1.jpg][Image: v8r3syarmvcw.jpg]
[Image: wioq7ceoyu4f.jpg][Image: 3wm5qkjidmsv.jpg][Image: s7njsapeefea.jpg]
[Image: v9yicdikyn36.jpg]
[Image: Snd1g7At.jpg]
302 MB | 6 Min 52 Sec | 1280x720 | MKV BBKD2B616.mkv
Beth Behrs - 2 Broke Girls S01E19 (2012) [720p][bikini]

[Image: c2ab60535786385.jpg] [Image: d04a5c535786413.jpg] [Image: f6e1ca535786435.jpg] [Image: d52d76535786453.jpg] [Image: 7301a1535786475.jpg] [Image: b371b1535786523.jpg] [Image: 9536a3535786563.jpg] [Image: fbc044535786591.jpg] 

avi | 1280x720 | 00:55 | 27.1 mb
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Beth Behrs - 2 Broke Girls S05E04 2015 [720p][panties]

[Image: 319ad8536398861.jpg] [Image: 2ebfc7536398897.jpg] [Image: 05786d536398920.jpg] [Image: 55c397536398931.jpg] [Image: a8d6e7536398941.jpg] [Image: 6b73af536398954.jpg] 

avi | 1280x720 | 00:29 | 10.2 mb
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Beth Behrs - 2 Broke Girls S06E05 (2016) [720p]

[Image: 2ba0c9540817262.jpg] [Image: ac53b3540817295.jpg] [Image: 9b335d540817329.jpg] [Image: 074df7540817372.jpg] [Image: 63ef59540817394.jpg] [Image: 2742e0540817436.jpg] [Image: c20843540817476.jpg] [Image: 701115540817520.jpg] 

avi | 1280x720 | 01:13 | 52.6 mb | no pass 
Beth Behrs & Kat Dennings - "2 Broke Girls" - S06E22
[Image: h5lrrcpkxtn8.jpg] [Image: oqdygiss8rw6.jpg] [Image: 9ua116qgd6i0.jpg] [Image: 0cgpc7bllb36.jpg] [Image: 27lq75ece7or.jpg] [Image: vkcia2cm2t5q.jpg] [Image: 07ar9o3sldkx.jpg] [Image: m9c8fiolo66z.jpg] [Image: jsbgn0axxkym.jpg] [Image: zaaojnaz85hi.jpg] [Image: c8d5kv60luqw.jpg] [Image: bo92v052zpcg.jpg] [Image: g6z7z9jaajaj.jpg] [Image: anx7b09acnj0.jpg] [Image: 9q2nepsbp09w.jpg] [Image: v94olj5jqhg7.jpg] [Image: cvri7qz3eqnb.jpg] [Image: co6y579nnb92.jpg] [Image: hk6uxv6867s3.jpg] [Image: 7q9cktiful4a.jpg] [Image: kttslcqfb30x.jpg] [Image: m1lwy5urmmoe.jpg] [Image: 544yqrsahqpv.jpg] [Image: 0nljxxqcsf47.jpg] [Image: deg6fkfookdr.jpg] [Image: gvh8izv9xwpp.jpg] [Image: 7t78x5yaqxip.jpg]
[Image: RHbGTouv.jpg]
124 MB | 2 Min 43 Sec | 1280x720 | MKV BBKDBG0622.mkv
Beth Behrs - Ellen Degeneres - 11-22-2017
[Image: th_240462495_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_01...._127lo.jpg] [Image: th_240463323_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_01...._432lo.jpg] [Image: th_240463551_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_01....22_2lo.jpg] [Image: th_240465445_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_01...._170lo.jpg] [Image: th_122404665_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_01...._533lo.jpg] [Image: th_240468307_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_01...._374lo.jpg] [Image: th_240468168_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_01...._549lo.jpg] [Image: th_240470310_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_01...._155lo.jpg] [Image: th_240471679_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_01....2_38lo.jpg] [Image: th_240472448_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_02...._351lo.jpg] [Image: th_224047337_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_02...._164lo.jpg] [Image: th_240475955_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_02...._474lo.jpg] [Image: th_240476798_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_03...._886lo.jpg] [Image: th_240478265_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_04...._867lo.jpg] [Image: th_224047957_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_04...._598lo.jpg] [Image: th_240481738_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_04...._144lo.jpg] [Image: th_240482381_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_05...._127lo.jpg] [Image: th_240483640_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_05...._936lo.jpg] [Image: th_240485415_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_05...._504lo.jpg] [Image: th_224048757_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_05...._130lo.jpg] [Image: th_240487176_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_05...._161lo.jpg] [Image: th_240489662_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_05....1067lo.jpg] [Image: th_240491844_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_05...._584lo.jpg] [Image: th_240492983_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_05...._548lo.jpg] [Image: th_240493195_BBED112217.mp4_snapshot_05...._427lo.jpg]
[Image: th_224049633_BBED112217.mp4_thumbs_2017...._238lo.jpg]
111 MB | 5 Min 35 Sec | 960x540 | MP4 BBED112217.mp4