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Chloe Goodman
Chloe Goodman bikini on a balcony in Tenerife 2/5/17

[Image: 5898befe5bf10.jpg] [Image: 5898bf037fc4d.jpg] [Image: 5898bf0c1d708.jpg] [Image: 5898bf1289306.jpg] [Image: 5898bf1651940.jpg] [Image: 5898bf1899b6d.jpg] [Image: 5898bf1d7cd5b.jpg] [Image: 5898bf2290f3b.jpg] [Image: 5898bf2c48717.jpg] [Image: 5898bf349475f.jpg] [Image: 5898bf3a7cc58.jpg] [Image: 5898bf3ed6d4c.jpg] [Image: 5898bf44da3b4.jpg] [Image: 5898bf4d169c6.jpg] [Image: 5898bf51e0a83.jpg] [Image: 5898bf57c23b7.jpg] [Image: 5898bf606fd3a.jpg] [Image: 5898bf68694d6.jpg] [Image: 5898bf71b3941.jpg] [Image: 5898bf79a6124.jpg]
Chloe Goodman (19 June 1993) is a celebrity and model mainly known for participating in Ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother.

As a model, Goodman was a body double for Cameron Diaz and Cheryl Cole. She has been a Page 3 model. She appeared on the first series of Ex on the Beach and starred in all 8 episodes. In 2015, she took part in the fifteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother, she was involved in a controversial incident leading to the removal of Jeremy Jackson. She became the housemate to be evicted on Day 10. She has also appeared on This Morning and Lorraine and was a participant in NHS in Crisis. In 2016, she returned to Ex on the Beach for its All Star series.
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Chloe Goodman - In Swimsuit at a Beach in Maldives 6/13/17

[Image: 5941f31d6b60a.jpg] [Image: 5941f31f539dd.jpg] [Image: 5941f320bbe03.jpg] [Image: 5941f3223ce11.jpg] [Image: 5941f323a76c5.jpg] [Image: 5941f32516755.jpg] [Image: 5941f327649f9.jpg] [Image: 5941f32926d5e.jpg] [Image: 5941f32b05b72.jpg] [Image: 5941f32c5b0df.jpg] [Image: 5941f32e1b99c.jpg] [Image: 5941f32f59e5a.jpg] [Image: 5941f330a93d8.jpg] [Image: 5941f3320eb96.jpg] [Image: 5941f33381212.jpg] [Image: 5941f334d9012.jpg] [Image: 5941f335ec7d2.jpg] [Image: 5941f336e2303.jpg] [Image: 5941f3385373b.jpg]
Chloe Goodman seethrough top at the Nasty Gal Store launch in London, 11/01/2017

[Image: 59fb27ac8e5d6.jpg] [Image: 59fb27ae01b7d.jpg] [Image: 59fb27b0c9138.jpg] [Image: 59fb27b32cfa0.jpg] [Image: 59fb27b7dfeb2.jpg] [Image: 59fb27ba958c2.jpg] [Image: 59fb27bb9aab3.jpg] [Image: 59fb27c292423.jpg] [Image: 59fb27c75853c.jpg] [Image: 59fb27c5c4a24.jpg] [Image: 59fb27c86ca62.jpg] [Image: 59fb27cb1544a.jpg] [Image: 59fb27cb954ac.jpg] [Image: 59fb27d137f70.jpg] [Image: 59fb27d3bc7fb.jpg]
Chloe Goodman - Swimsuit - on holiday in Cape Verde 12/1/17

[Image: 5a22d82adfc0d.jpg] [Image: 5a22d82dc6324.jpg] [Image: 5a22d831d9243.jpg] [Image: 5a22d8353d0ee.jpg] [Image: 5a22d8389c31e.jpg] [Image: 5a22d83e6d86e.jpg] [Image: 5a22d84403e77.jpg] [Image: 5a22d84ac1030.jpg] [Image: 5a22d84e09f4a.jpg] [Image: 5a22d8520efaa.jpg] [Image: 5a22d856b8e98.jpg] [Image: 5a22d85c87372.jpg] [Image: 5a22d86007d51.jpg] [Image: 5a22d862268e7.jpg] [Image: 5a22d864abc88.jpg] [Image: 5a22d86719211.jpg] [Image: 5a22d868c7404.jpg] [Image: 5a22d86a63fd3.jpg] [Image: 5a22d86cafa96.jpg] [Image: 5a22d86f079c5.jpg]
Chloe Goodman Sideboobs in Swimsuit in Cape Verde 12/4/17

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