Maribel Verdu
Maribel Verdu in Y tu mamá también (2001)

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María Isabel Verdú Rollán (born 2 October 1970) better known as Maribel Verdú is a Spanish actress. She is known to English-speaking audiences for playing Luisa in Alfonso Cuarón's 2001 film Y tu mamá también and Mercedes in Guillermo del Toro's 2006 film Pan's Labyrinth. In Spain she is known for films such as Lovers (Amantes), Belle Époque, The Blind Sunflowers (Los girasoles ciegos) and Blancanieves.

Verdú was born in Madrid, Spain. She began acting at 13, appearing in various commercials. She left school at the age of 15 so she could fully devote herself to her acting career. Verdú has appeared in more than 60 movies since 1984, the majority of them in Spanish. She has also been in numerous TV shows.

Her first experience was as a model in spots and fashion magazines by known commercial firms. Her first television opportunity was given to her at the age of 13 by Vicente Aranda in The Crime of Captain Sánchez.

Verdú is married to Pedro Larrañaga, son of actors Carlos Larrañaga and María Luisa Merlo.
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Maribel Verdu - El cianuro solo o con leche (1994)

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Maribel Verdu - La Estanquera de Vallecas (1987)

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Maribel Verdu - Salsa Rosa (1991)

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Duration: 9m 28s

Maribel Verdu - Canguros (1994)

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Maribel Verdu - Carreteras Secundarias (1997)

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