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Alex Meneses
Alex Meneses - Auto Focus (2002) HD 1080p

 [Image: th_790845295_AlexMeneses_AutoFocusHD1080..._969lo.jpg] [Image: th_790846943_AlexMeneses_AutoFocusHD1080...3_73lo.jpg]
 [Image: th_790847493_AlexMeneses_AutoFocusHD1080..._126lo.jpg] [Image: th_790848278_AlexMeneses_AutoFocusHD1080...3_61lo.jpg]
 [Image: th_790849527_AlexMeneses_AutoFocusHD1080..._342lo.jpg] [Image: th_790850787_AlexMeneses_AutoFocusHD1080..._203lo.jpg]
 [Image: th_979085175_AlexMeneses_AutoFocusHD1080..._533lo.jpg]

Title: Alex_Meneses_-_Auto_Focus_HD_1080p.avi - 150 mb
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920x1080 23.975fps 12742kbps [V: h264 high L4.0, yuv420p, 1920x1080, 12742 kb/s]
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch 384kbps [A: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5.1, 384 kb/s]
Duration: 1m 36s

Alex Meneses - Amanda and the Alien (1995)

[Image: th_790989952_AlexMeneses_AmandaandtheAli..._147lo.jpg] [Image: th_790990744_AlexMeneses_AmandaandtheAli..._428lo.jpg]

[Image: th_790990622_AlexMeneses_AmandaandtheAli..._579lo.jpg] [Image: th_790991343_AlexMeneses_AmandaandtheAli...3_92lo.jpg]

[Image: th_790992485_AlexMeneses_AmandaandtheAli...3_49lo.jpg] [Image: th_790992853_AlexMeneses_AmandaandtheAli..._481lo.jpg]

[Image: th_790993398_AlexMeneses_AmandaandtheAli..._570lo.jpg]

Title: Alex_Meneses_-_Amanda_and_the_Alien.avi - 137 mb
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 624x464 23.976fps 3319kbps [V: h264 high L3.0, yuv420p, 624x464, 3319 kb/s]
Audio: MP3 48000Hz stereo 192kbps [A: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 192 kb/s]
Duration: 5m 26s

Alex Meneses - Hot line S01E04 (1994)

 [Image: th_791125807_AlexMeneses_HotlineS01E0401_123_806lo.jpg] [Image: th_791126156_AlexMeneses_HotlineS01E0402_123_46lo.jpg]
 [Image: th_791126407_AlexMeneses_HotlineS01E0403_123_368lo.jpg] [Image: th_791127244_AlexMeneses_HotlineS01E0404_123_556lo.jpg]
 [Image: th_791128243_AlexMeneses_HotlineS01E0405_123_485lo.jpg] [Image: th_979112833_AlexMeneses_HotlineS01E0406_123_200lo.jpg]
 [Image: th_791129955_AlexMeneses_HotlineS01E04_t..._238lo.jpg]

Title: Alex_Meneses_-_Hot_line_S01E04.avi - 109 mb
Video: Xvid 640x480 29.97fps 1843kbps [V: mpeg4 advanced simple profile, yuv420p, 640x480, 1843 kb/s]
Audio: MP3 48000Hz stereo 192kbps [A: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 192 kb/s]
Duration: 7m 28s