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Lili Reinhart
Lili Pauline Reinhart is an American actress, best known for portraying Betty Cooper on The CW drama series Riverdale. Born: September 13, 1996

Lili Reinhart - Live with Kelly & Ryan - 11-27-2017
[Image: th_429405120_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_00...._247lo.jpg] [Image: th_429406601_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_00....2_70lo.jpg] [Image: th_429407714_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_00...._586lo.jpg] [Image: th_242940872_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_00...._380lo.jpg] [Image: th_124294088_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_00...._134lo.jpg] [Image: th_429409589_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_00....2_23lo.jpg] [Image: th_429410300_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_00...._576lo.jpg] [Image: th_429411924_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_00...._106lo.jpg] [Image: th_429412925_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_00...._201lo.jpg] [Image: th_429413576_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_00....2_16lo.jpg] [Image: th_429414361_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_01...._526lo.jpg] [Image: th_429416413_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_02...._357lo.jpg] [Image: th_429417763_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_02....2_18lo.jpg] [Image: th_429418118_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_03....2_93lo.jpg] [Image: th_429419943_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_04....22_8lo.jpg] [Image: th_429420300_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_05...._591lo.jpg] [Image: th_429421271_LRKR112717.mp4_snapshot_05...._592lo.jpg]
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Short Bio
Lili Pauline Reinhart (born September 13, 1996) is an American actress, best known for portraying Betty Cooper on The CW drama series Riverdale.

Reinhart was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in the nearby town of Bay Village. She developed a love for singing, acting, and dancing at the age of 10, and begged her mom to drive her to New York for auditions.

Reinhart moved to Los Angeles when she was 18 years old to pursue acting and almost gave up after five months. Reinhart is very open about her struggles with depression, and says that Riverdale came into her life when she was in a very dark place.