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Ellen Alexander
Ellen Alexander - dress mishap - Photoshoot for GQ Russiain Malibu, 1/3/18

[Image: rdmm293ep5zv.jpg] [Image: adm3c7cdeq6b.jpg] [Image: e6kvf8vsjvl5.jpg] [Image: m05zy10fcih2.jpg] [Image: co12lnm7m0jb.jpg] [Image: l636axusyhsg.jpg] [Image: m0p6ng3oj3ds.jpg] [Image: 73s4vqdqtq37.jpg] [Image: n10yc5hvp711.jpg] [Image: nbc83l0vnuju.jpg] [Image: nx6je2xwmoad.jpg] [Image: gr89kusgcvby.jpg] [Image: 25xnxhwcy696.jpg] [Image: zndvd3tunbv9.jpg] [Image: g0m84vpvagxv.jpg] [Image: uwnrip2q9oxo.jpg] [Image: khd41tx9dco3.jpg] [Image: w8w6fk261nad.jpg] [Image: tnif013hbstx.jpg] [Image: i6wtyihj8ien.jpg]
Short Bio
Actress and Model Ellen Alexander grew up no ordinary girl. The sex symbol; often said to resemble a young Naomi Watts- was born in Moscow, Russia to a family or Russian scientists. Ellen Alexander’s mother was an engineer who worked on electric engines, and the rising stars’ entire family from her father’s side successfully worked on building the now legendary Russian Space Program since its inception during the very beginning of the Soviet Union. Paving the way for Ellen’s rise in Hollywood, she spent her childhood as a young girl around many famous politicians, scientists, and the social elite from high culture culture who formed her non-stop, winning mentality. The pretty young girl began trying herself out in many different areas of the arts including, journalism, painting, acting, modeling, and even business in which she got a degree.

Thankfully for the public however, Ellen decided to become an actress, due to her love of beauty and art. Having done a lot modeling for top fashion magazines and ad campaigns around the world, she wanted something more.