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Amelia Goodman
Amelia Goodman - on the beach in the Bahamas - 1/2/18

[Image: 5a4fafeb5e72f.jpg] [Image: 5a4fafed07da9.jpg] [Image: 5a4fafee4af0d.jpg] [Image: 5a4fafef3675a.jpg] [Image: 5a4faff28b984.jpg] [Image: 5a4faff3e47ff.jpg] [Image: 5a4faff58f427.jpg] [Image: 5a4faff6810ac.jpg] [Image: 5a4faff58f406.jpg] [Image: 5a4faff703a88.jpg] [Image: 5a4faff7bf37f.jpg] [Image: 5a4faff8809a0.jpg] [Image: 5a4faffa39fc3.jpg] [Image: 5a4faffbf0f2b.jpg] [Image: 5a4faffcdb493.jpg] [Image: 5a4faffe6b3c5.jpg] [Image: 5a4faffe5d3a9.jpg] [Image: 5a4fb0001aab5.jpg] [Image: 5a4fb001644fd.jpg]
Short Bio
Chloe Goodman is a reality Star known from Ex on the Beach. Chloe has recently revealed that she has undergone the latest celebrity trend of 3D liposuction. Her lookalike sisters are Amelia and Lauryn Goodman.