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Charlotte McKinney
Charlotte McKinney

McKinney dropped out of high school at age 17 to pursue modeling full-time. The 5-foot-7 model was then “picked up by Guess for their heart-stopping campaign. She's the latest swimsuit model to appear in the raunchy Carl’s Jr. ad. She appears nearly nude in the commercial. Charlotte’s commercial came out in time for the 2015 Super Bowl.

Nationality: USA
Age: 23
Known for:  Natalya Toporova Swimwear, Guess, Carl’s Jr. ad.
Charlotte’s currently represented by Mega Models Miami

height  5' 7.5" - 172, bust  32" - 81, waist  24" 1/2 - 62, hips  34" 1/2 - 87, dress size  0/2, shoes  7 - 37, hair color  Blond, eyes  Blue
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Charlotte McKinney

AU NATUREL - The All-Natural Burger Extended Director's Cut

Charlotte McKinney Bikini Candids Venice Beach
[Image: 5bz9rkk3ico4.jpg]  [Image: 45uevx3sdabf.jpg]  [Image: evk1rr6uk1fr.jpg]

[Image: z9cyatwlin3f.jpg]  [Image: p1599fc11pnt.jpg]  [Image: k26l027r4w32.jpg]

[Image: 51aoa86qajan.jpg]  [Image: ucacubkk7z6p.jpg]
Charlotte McKinney incredibly sexy and see through
[Image: 806jav4n2phn.jpg] [Image: ozscw1rm5mqy.jpg] [Image: 8eroqj82i0oh.jpg]

[Image: 55dlu9ba15cn.jpg] [Image: 348pwuje8sp8.jpg] [Image: 0cv7klielecc.jpg]
Charlotte McKinney vanity fair Magazine june 2015
[Image: hhymbzz3asha.jpg][Image: 4tdqacsa7896.jpg] [Image: yktcahlise8h.jpg] [Image: bzkoni32pr47.jpg]
Charlotte McKinney on her way to the Rolling Stones’ concert at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood
[Image: kwi1516pii27.jpg] [Image: hh4gr8ahosrn.jpg] [Image: mrhngl37wem5.jpg] [Image: 6r0ww6o35u3f.jpg]

[Image: j3tyz9950hig.jpg] [Image: ssmqm4eukyot.jpg] [Image: jg7174gfeqtn.jpg] [Image: 3nnik6ekkma3.jpg]

[Image: fwhkicsfyxf1.jpg] [Image: uogvrl5me1wr.jpg] [Image: b1tmrj5onpru.jpg] [Image: j6b1o4iejvp7.jpg]
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Charlotte McKinney in bikini – Men’s Health Photo shoot
[Image: 0ryfyat0qu3y.jpg] [Image: adxko0o0gx16.jpg] [Image: q4yx9ediam47.jpg]

[Image: ubiry2lyhoip.jpg] [Image: k2fq7ukeqz8j.jpg]
Charlotte McKinney for GQ Magazine
[Image: 4yd9gn9xb0lq.jpg] [Image: 01av6egknh1k.jpg] [Image: 0ohx792f9fx6.jpg]
[Image: jy7vrbsfltn5.jpg] [Image: 4eisb9t1v1ot.jpg] [Image: cun0uyrrbbkp.jpg]
[Image: oqh22oonp93e.jpg] [Image: u70kuh4kzh0w.jpg]
Charlotte McKinney - The 5 Things I Say When I'm Asked If They're Real, GQ 2015

[Image: vf5pbovwr2sx.jpg] [Image: o9077p7prbh1.jpg] [Image: 0qp3szi2toig.jpg] [Image: r7s7fifcithl.jpg] [Image: qbkolc7aqza0.jpg] [Image: 3xw51k7g72u3.jpg] [Image: 3ydtchfgyqvu.jpg] [Image: 3hcobehnf1dn.jpg]

13 MB | 00:00:29 | 1920x1080 | MP4
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Charlotte Mckinney - Photoshoot by Terry Richardson

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]
Charlotte McKinney – Casa Tequila Halloween Party - Beverly Hills - October 30, 2015

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]
GQ UK, December 2015
[Image: j8kntbym4k5c.jpg] [Image: pxp74g08ggj9.jpg] [Image: swq8y2sun6z9.jpg] [Image: bi66hyq95kg8.jpg] [Image: ij8x4q680hu7.jpg] [Image: lpla8gtft4kr.jpg] [Image: il2rcj7dk09h.jpg] [Image: ihea6qpmo276.jpg]
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FHM, February 2016

[Image: v8wwozc1lq30.jpg] [Image: j3jj2shqcooc.jpg] [Image: d6zg9rwq2fuk.jpg] [Image: x1qk19xccdl6.jpg]
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Charlotte McKinney - See-Through Photoshoot by Tyler Kandel

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:]
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by Tyler Kandel

[Image: ukp8cel3c31v.jpg] [Image: koielkjxw3t3.jpg] [Image: pcvdcriv256w.jpg] [Image: 4nffzkddrgnv.jpg]
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Charlotte McKinney - Gosee Mag March 2016

[Image: 56de7c9b01302.jpg] [Image: 56de7c9e1ffdc.jpg] [Image: 56de7c9fc253e.jpg] [Image: 56de7c9fdc6ea.jpg] [Image: 56de7ca2dbba7.jpg] [Image: 56de7ca4c5f10.jpg] [Image: 56de7ca1b9bb2.jpg] [Image: 56de7ca35c711.jpg]
Charlotte McKinney out and about in Malibu 3/25/16

[Image: 56f67c79e6c71.jpg] [Image: 56f67c7d05e90.jpg] [Image: 56f67c80677f7.jpg] [Image: 56f67c850077a.jpg] [Image: 56f67c88735f4.jpg] [Image: 56f67c8a5f5f7.jpg] [Image: 56f67c8f0cd6d.jpg] [Image: 56f67cc618fb5.jpg] [Image: 56f67cd203fda.jpg] [Image: 56f67c7f40a95.jpg] [Image: 56f67c844fd89.jpg] [Image: 56f67c890dd1b.jpg] [Image: 56f67c8b941bd.jpg] [Image: 56f67c929062b.jpg] [Image: 56f67ccedb48a.jpg] [Image: 56f67cd3d3bf9.jpg] [Image: 56f67cdb577c4.jpg] [Image: 56f67ce27afe7.jpg] [Image: 56f67c847fc72.jpg] [Image: 56f67c8879180.jpg] [Image: 56f67c8b8fb29.jpg] [Image: 56f67c8e8901b.jpg] [Image: 56f67c90d37e4.jpg] [Image: 56f67c9448ba5.jpg] [Image: 56f67c9660112.jpg] [Image: 56f67ca210722.jpg]
leaving Craigs, April 1,2016

[Image: 6uziev824ibf.jpg] [Image: 17avimuhr932.jpg] [Image: o34vn6npyc9h.jpg] [Image: 05su4sbfgdoa.jpg] [Image: v7drig36yg84.jpg] [Image: jiie9zl5glj2.jpg] [Image: w1t93yt520rb.jpg] [Image: s8v2odrqeqvw.jpg]
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[Image: 620kipq390yw.jpg] [Image: 297f7oxsu2f5.jpg] [Image: h0wmxk1e90xq.jpg] [Image: rjcuvz4aod45.jpg]

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Charlotte McKinney - Upskirt And Deep Cleavage

[Image: 5746befc535f8.jpg] [Image: 5746bf67c249b.jpg] [Image: 5746bf91f26a4.jpg] [Image: 5746bfaabf436.jpg] [Image: 5746bfca3fd67.jpg] [Image: 5746bfd87474a.jpg] [Image: 5746bed811850.jpg] [Image: 5746bf0b14d12.jpg] [Image: 5746bf33bc233.jpg] [Image: 5746beed48e86.jpg] [Image: 5746bf295a231.jpg] [Image: 5746bf355d52b.jpg] [Image: 5746bf584bef2.jpg]