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Alexandra Daddario
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Short Bio
Alexandra Anna Daddario(born March 16, 1986) is an American actress and model best known for playing Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson film series. She also appeared in films like Texas Chainsaw 3D, Bereavement and Hall Pass and guest-starred in TV shows including White Collar, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and had a four episode arc in the first season of True Detective.

Daddario was born in New York City to father Richard C. Daddario, a prosecutor and former head of NYPD Counterterrorism under Mayor Bloomberg, and mother Christina Daddario, a lawyer who worked at Merrill Lynch. Her paternal grandfather was Emilio Q. Daddario, a Democratic representative to the United States House of Representatives for the state of Connecticut from 1959 to 1971. Daddario was raised on the Upper East Side and is an alumna of Brearley School and the Professional Children's School. She has Hungarian, Irish, and Italian ancestry. Daddario said she decided to be an actress at the age of 11.
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Alexandra Daddario - STNDRD Magazine, issue #7

[Image: u4s05m0c3c6m.jpg] [Image: szuhn56yfcbm.jpg] [Image: 43pmtmc9s6u6.jpg] [Image: h5jfus2t1vp4.jpg] [Image: 61971m5ktutc.jpg] [Image: 9soqlq82uol5.jpg] [Image: hhxmhlfp5f21.jpg] [Image: nhjb97umqfd0.jpg] [Image: h8n8lwluenrx.jpg]
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Alexandra Daddario - the stndrd magazine 2015

[Image: jvjbau740y5q.jpg] [Image: 9kx3xdc5w5bs.jpg] [Image: jh9kxqt9dsmu.jpg] [Image: dxgb06gtgwd8.jpg] [Image: r88o3avlxgyr.jpg] [Image: g3minxs7c5kc.jpg] [Image: afaj4552zwjf.jpg] [Image: 1atgmwahelr0.jpg] [Image: gcjzfdk4dt4x.jpg] [Image: y1gqbtdgiynp.jpg] [Image: cmf84iet1loi.jpg] [Image: o94cp75roh22.jpg] [Image: dtl59ccqbmtl.jpg] [Image: 4jgpr3692q68.jpg]

20 MB | 00:01:27 | 1920x1080 | MP4

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Alexandra Daddario at the Premiere of The Choice in Hollywood, California- February 1, 2016

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Alexandra Daddario on the set of 'Baywatch' in Boca Raton 2/29/16

[Image: elt5k8p3kjg7_t.jpg][Image: 8lxio3klxtea_t.jpg][Image: v8vn4i9tbo7y_t.jpg][Image: sbau1a2ohcxo_t.jpg][Image: f9zu1lw73lwx_t.jpg][Image: t5oa804uze0s_t.jpg][Image: om2njx5fmf7c_t.jpg][Image: qufat3jcw68p_t.jpg][Image: 1gs0l217wxb0_t.jpg][Image: 7vvyrugiyetu_t.jpg][Image: 80213282_ad016.jpg] [Image: 80213431_ad017.jpg] [Image: 80213527_ad018.jpg] [Image: 80213557_ad019.jpg] [Image: 80213581_ad021.jpg][Image: 56d6b22134d6e.jpg] [Image: 56d6b2500ea98.jpg] [Image: 56d6b282a009e.jpg] [Image: 56d6b29c349f4.jpg] [Image: 56d6b2c4087c9.jpg] [Image: 56d6b2e925e42.jpg][Image: 56d6b20a36901.jpg] [Image: 56d6b24062491.jpg] [Image: 56d6b26095c42.jpg] [Image: 56d6b27b968b1.jpg] [Image: 56d6b296cb4e3.jpg] [Image: 56d6b295ae31e.jpg] [Image: 56d6b2c276dfa.jpg] [Image: 56d6b2e147399.jpg] [Image: 56d6b2fe9eb26.jpg] [Image: 56d6b307559ac.jpg][Image: upxkq1vxgdmy.jpg] [Image: 84mjzmbjyvar.jpg] [Image: v7v24uiy3ii4.jpg] [Image: o5xf6u7eafy3.jpg][Image: oav3psz2nxzg_t.jpg] [Image: 5w1dbrdmiho5_t.jpg] [Image: kluvslw8oosx_t.jpg] [Image: lxjrdgqfsvue_t.jpg] [Image: p5fn0euy02f7_t.jpg]
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Vanity Fair, May 2014
[Image: 7ulqlaeh2lnz.jpg]
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Alexandra Daddario on the set of 'Baywatch' in Miami 3/4/16

[Image: 56da501fb27d5.jpg] [Image: 56da5023d0839.jpg] [Image: 56da502de717b.jpg] [Image: 56da5035e9ce0.jpg]
Alexandra Daddario - Sexy on set of Baywatch

[Image: bsbenqohd3xa_t.jpg][Image: k9zbwfyi6q4b_t.jpg][Image: 56dac0be281ee.jpg][Image: 56dac0b04820e.jpg]
Alexandra Daddario on the Set of 'Baywatch' in Miami 3/7/16

[Image: 56de7c24839bb.jpg] [Image: 56de7c27c8b28.jpg] [Image: 56de7c29b3a1e.jpg] [Image: 56de7c276ab8f.jpg] [Image: 56de7c2a7d6a1.jpg] [Image: 56de7c2c5a044.jpg] [Image: 56de7c2b500f8.jpg] [Image: 56de7c2d39402.jpg] [Image: 56de7c315af18.jpg] [Image: 56de7c329650a.jpg] [Image: 56de7c371e501.jpg]
[Image: lb4zq0nb55k0.jpg]

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Alexandra Daddario in Jeans On ‘Baywatch’ set in Miami

[Image: hl90e366o1dj_t.jpg][Image: 14bdn8x6qfxc_t.jpg][Image: wb6lldjd4t9x_t.jpg][Image: hb84roitfkzo_t.jpg][Image: 6m56rjmna3h0_t.jpg][Image: aoj9c8t8vgpl_t.jpg] [Image: m3dwxr3wu4n2_t.jpg] [Image: 56f3b8d717e80.jpg] [Image: 56f3b8de0ee23.jpg]
[Image: geydmms3keky.jpg]

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Alexandra Daddario – Swimsuit Candids on “Baywatch” Set in Miami

[Image: 56f3bb57a2443.jpg] [Image: 56f3bb5f35803.jpg] [Image: 56f3bb643a28e.jpg] [Image: 56f3bb6954e51.jpg][Image: 56f3bb6b05e92.jpg] [Image: 56f3bb6f09373.jpg] [Image: 56f3bb736361a.jpg] [Image: 56f3bb78189b9.jpg]
Alexandra Daddario on “Baywatch” Movie Set in Tybee

[Image: 0acfj66ekxtv_t.jpg][Image: q80epvm58quz_t.jpg][Image: 0eawbrm4xzzx_t.jpg] [Image: j9xwfrdfpaoo_t.jpg] [Image: 82901183_alexandra_daddario_1.jpg] [Image: 82901184_alexandra_daddario_1.jpg] [Image: 5710ac0e8c47c.jpg] [Image: 5710ac1721004.jpg] [Image: 5710ac49b31cb.jpg] [Image: 0eqxig78aemf.jpg]
Alexandra Daddario on the set of Baywatch in Georgia 4/18/16

[Image: 57162f1f07780.jpg] [Image: 57162f2a8ee2d.jpg] [Image: 57162f328c5bc.jpg] [Image: 57162f2421ca3.jpg] [Image: 57162f299bb33.jpg] [Image: 57162f3178a02.jpg]
On the Set of Baywatch in Georgia, April 19, 2016

[Image: sfg9f3bcz7gd.jpg] [Image: zfeabpepogh1.jpg] [Image: jxmy639fh8bd.jpg] [Image: 15acgsc6qda5.jpg] [Image: 69mtxcprjnl0.jpg] [Image: grlb4jl0xx6t.jpg] [Image: q5lu0hlukbgs.jpg] [Image: qqdpp11pwgho.jpg]
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Alexandra Daddario - Hot Boobs Downblouse

[Image: 574ddf3124ff3.jpg] [Image: 574ddf451d1f2.jpg] [Image: 574ddf3d27f15.jpg] [Image: 574ddf4d8e16e.jpg] [Image: 574ddf89acddb.jpg] [Image: 9ou5rahdweuz_t.jpg]
Alexandra Daddario nude in pool - Vanity Fair

[Image: 57dadb96846ed.jpg]
Alexandra Daddario MARVEL Avengers Academy's Party

[Image: 5814c71269fa9.jpg] [Image: 5814c713a45a5.jpg] [Image: 5814c719d45a2.jpg] [Image: 5814c71dcd749.jpg] [Image: 5814c720031bc.jpg] [Image: 5814c722b27d1.jpg] [Image: 5814c723b2240.jpg] [Image: 5814c725d8ebb.jpg] [Image: 5814c726ea298.jpg] [Image: 5814c728cb834.jpg]