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Micaela Schafer
Micaela Schafer is a German actress, nude model, TV presenter, DJ and singer. She was Miss East Germany 2004, Miss Venus 2005, The Face Of Campari 2005 and Miss Maxim 2006

Micaela Schafer Sexy photos
[Image: 0gumcvoft46z.jpg] [Image: o3771uy0tese.jpg] [Image: wjypqb5w6y36.jpg] [Image: 96lih85ftbqp.jpg]

[Image: 7y6d4e7lklmx.jpg] [Image: dw6i0do538bi.jpg] [Image: qn7llumny642.jpg] [Image: 2m3jwl8lw2qa.jpg]

[Image: 95um0xqtwo3v.jpg]
Micaela Schäfer BodyPaint for Stada Vita Racing Team
[Image: 5w2pmb1wxhjf.jpg] [Image: j01lgy8xbmmf.jpg] [Image: q6x2ldox3wnd.jpg] [Image: e6vhv3ydtyjo.jpg]

[Image: qdgg6q4pwnzi.jpg] [Image: i8akxz9nsyn7.jpg] [Image: 3iry4pj4q03m.jpg] [Image: m1q10armu4ia.jpg]

[Image: es7g8sx920u1.jpg] [Image: zjcr2cqwnalb.jpg] [Image: 8phy91tptntc.jpg] [Image: 96uc739n41u8.jpg]

[Image: eq4hqnmr9w5z.jpg] [Image: 9db16mnga3yq.jpg]
New BTS photos of Micaela Schäfer by Rene Lautensacks – PENTHOUSE Magazine
[Image: 5e57gw5g2urb.jpg] [Image: d08px4yjpt0v.jpg] [Image: iftmzzj4738p.jpg] [Image: xavghi5oo1sd.jpg]

[Image: yebp60bkdq3a.jpg] [Image: 8vvew3xevdeb.jpg] [Image: lyxc9snp1xx9.jpg] [Image: 3bymshf7yg5p.jpg]
Micaela Schafer Covered In Only Black Tape
[Image: kbigqbrs8g42.jpg] [Image: ua2e8p6faop9.jpg] [Image: sol3z7o4lzuf.jpg] [Image: lg9nda55wqoj.jpg]

[Image: ygan223t13th.jpg] [Image: uk1nn770pskq.jpg] [Image: alf0vghpf41t.jpg] [Image: v2q6ddve6wht.jpg]

[Image: ahb6uk5hxfe6.jpg]
Micaela Schaefer promotes the VENUS 2015
[Image: ef7rj7xn93ts.jpg] [Image: exx4u8x1ztdb.jpg] [Image: tp8w1v3mxlec.jpg] [Image: 5rvv57ctwunb.jpg]

[Image: 1s4r63ndgh3a.jpg] [Image: vt8zmzm2ey6h.jpg] [Image: 3km9k3uyr3wq.jpg] [Image: eqjxha3gabcg.jpg]

[Image: n6pk3ddvf99q.jpg] [Image: 12z4l29yi2eb.jpg] [Image: ty34m9b2p7lu.jpg] [Image: air8tncm3i9d.jpg]

[Image: 0d5umqj58h4b.jpg] [Image: kj7tmggooax5.jpg] [Image: zr0w33a8qxmm.jpg] [Image: aobnz66hylfo.jpg]

[Image: kxhkdwxd6x1s.jpg] [Image: nts04t6hdge3.jpg] [Image: xqing6r5c6ts.jpg] [Image: pp1aei3f7m0j.jpg]
[Image: bput11qclhhf.jpg] [Image: 452qrw7aimuo.jpg]
Micaela Schaefer in DYNAMIT MAGAZINE
[Image: qzzurha8tvp6.jpg] [Image: petff1d5oon9.jpg] [Image: zgghttql53io.jpg] [Image: ymncsana8ike.jpg]

[Image: 7w8qrjivc8mv.jpg] [Image: pvhhdp2es8vw.jpg] [Image: l1g0v3f2td5h.jpg] [Image: qrczmcvlly7q.jpg]
Micaela´s Sexy Bikinishooting auf Mallorca
[Image: 27c605ppsegz.jpg] [Image: i28bzdx627lm.jpg] [Image: u6o5osyyo002.jpg]

[Image: 0l97sr0y37wj.jpg] [Image: w0ffs187n2zd.jpg] [Image: 9zzevxnqwu6e.jpg]

[Image: tq8o1chmmpf9.jpg] [Image: rqd8mtiy12gq.jpg]
[Image: e4bnxWJ.jpg][Image: RRA2XIx.jpg] [Image: DDHRuF9.jpg] [Image: zLTYOZb.jpg] [Image: wB7stG5.jpg] [Image: a1bEupB.jpg] [Image: SxIwwLN.jpg] [Image: bpofCgI.jpg] [Image: IfipagO.jpg]
Micaela Schäfer in Cherry Magazine (May 2016)

[Image: 573049dd51916.jpg] [Image: 573048ef6b188.jpg] [Image: 573048fc86d9b.jpg] [Image: 57304911caa67.jpg] [Image: 573049233e4f6.jpg] [Image: 573049f450b74.jpg] [Image: 57304a000f7b1.jpg]
Micaela Schafer naked – Heike Fuchs Photoshoot (2016)

[Image: mkf20lb6yi42.jpg] [Image: jb0aiv9t84wf.jpg] [Image: vgr1nhie7mu0.jpg] [Image: oyb55flg6x1m.jpg] [Image: rk3hk5ktz27f.jpg] [Image: 6ekpcm8dsob8.jpg] [Image: qv4njcu9da1s.jpg] [Image: 90pvw5qjgr4s.jpg] [Image: vnyxjd2htihb.jpg] [Image: 9wx2qxl831uq.jpg] [Image: uszlxnie55gs.jpg] [Image: 50svgy1q8y78.jpg] [Image: q5gefsm2bv8m.jpg] [Image: jpf4qkj8siv0.jpg]
Micaela Schafer topless – Dennis Wisnia Photoshoot – 2016

[Image: k733jgpiik9q.jpg] [Image: 0s1l636ax7j3.jpg] [Image: j8eeyajcslhd.jpg] [Image: re96gqbtpjbj.jpg] [Image: ijrahkg9ghcd.jpg]
Micaela Schaefer full naked in the park - photo Thomas Wunsch

[Image: 57d300200cbff.jpg] [Image: 57d30025004e7.jpg] [Image: 57d3002916b36.jpg] [Image: 57d3002de3455.jpg] [Image: 57d3002491af2.jpg] [Image: 57d3002a29603.jpg] [Image: 57d3002fde337.jpg] [Image: 57d30032d4ce0.jpg] [Image: 57d3003411b1e.jpg] [Image: 57d300367e586.jpg] [Image: 57d300387be32.jpg] [Image: 57d3003aa7443.jpg] [Image: 57d30041c192e.jpg]
Micaela Schäfer Mostly Topless & Nude in Lingerie Photoshoot

[Image: 580777847910a.jpg] [Image: 58077788d816d.jpg] [Image: 5807778d93b7a.jpg] [Image: 580777936f4e4.jpg] [Image: 58077798df138.jpg] [Image: 5807777f00519.jpg] [Image: 580777834cf1b.jpg] [Image: 58077786df9cc.jpg] [Image: 5807778b8ba29.jpg] [Image: 58077791a3e11.jpg] [Image: 5807778d7f7b4.jpg] [Image: 580777938f850.jpg] [Image: 58077798d20ae.jpg] [Image: 5807779c2bf93.jpg] [Image: 5807779f29007.jpg] [Image: 580777930e7ee.jpg] [Image: 58077798391ab.jpg] [Image: 5807779ba2dd2.jpg]
Micaela Schaefer - Naked - With Christmas Tree

[Image: 58672ba976d8b.jpg]
Micaela Schaefer Nude - Magazine Scans

[Image: 58678141b79ee.jpg] [Image: 58678143cb9c0.jpg] [Image: 58678143236c5.jpg] [Image: 58678142a95dc.jpg] [Image: 5867819d6530a.jpg] [Image: 5867819ed4bb0.jpg] [Image: 5867819f46a1d.jpg] [Image: 5867819fe0c6b.jpg] [Image: 586781aa16417.jpg] [Image: 586781ab48e53.jpg] [Image: 586781ac64b0a.jpg] [Image: 586781ad8e576.jpg] [Image: 586781b1c2a4d.jpg] [Image: 586781b2f1fbb.jpg] [Image: 586781b3de2a6.jpg] [Image: 586781b4894c6.jpg] [Image: 586781b992de8.jpg] [Image: 586781ba8e83d.jpg] [Image: 586781bb73b88.jpg] [Image: 586781bc1b6c8.jpg]
Micaela Schaefer Revels her tits at an event in Germany

[Image: 58711ae0336a5.jpeg]
Micaela Schaefer - Topless - Social Media

[Image: 5888e86d4d358.jpg]
Micaela Schafer - R.SA Belantis 2015 [720p][topless]

[Image: 7f5393536364224.jpg] [Image: 5ba8df536364240.jpg] [Image: 7906d8536364254.jpg] [Image: b31319536364274.jpg] [Image: 2ad7dd536364295.jpg] [Image: a18531536364312.jpg] [Image: 978df0536364324.jpg] [Image: 23d7d6536364337.jpg] 

avi | 1280x720 | 01:04 | 50.8 mb
Micaela Schafer - Mallorca (2015) [720p][topless,bikini]

[Image: 7f6d9a536538118.jpg] [Image: 54ba29536538143.jpg] [Image: 3f066d536538168.jpg] [Image: 97a755536538185.jpg] [Image: 6bac79536538212.jpg] [Image: 29836f536538232.jpg] [Image: 77655d536538270.jpg] [Image: 32dc78536538319.jpg] [Image: a953eb536538354.jpg] [Image: a969e5536538369.jpg] 

avi | 1280x720 | 01:31 | 50.1 mb
Micaela Schafer - Nude Photoshoot - Gif

Duration - 10 Sec

[Image: 102058804_ms.jpg]