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Lindsay Lohan
Short Bio
Lindsay Morgan Lohan (born Lindsay Dee Lohan; July 2, 1986) is an American actress, model and recording artist. She began her career as a child fashion model when she was three, and was later featured on the soap opera Another World for a year when she was 10. At age 11, Lohan made her motion picture debut in Disney's remake of The Parent Trap (1998), a critical and commercial hit. Her next motion picture, Disney's remake of Freaky Friday (2003), was also a success at the box office and with critics. With the release of Mean Girls (2004), another critical and commercial success, Lohan became a household name and a frequent focus of paparazzi and tabloids. The two films earned her several MTV Movie Awards and Teen Choice Awards. She spent much of 2010 and 2011 entangled in legal problems stemming from probation violations and a necklace theft.
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Lindsay Lohan 11 October 2012 - Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles

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Lindsay Lohans - Wardrobe malfunction.
Lindsay Lohan visits her mum, while her massive side boobs try to escape.

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Lindsay Lohan in a see-through shirt is hot again at a Counter Launch
[Image: y90qp064pvza.jpg] [Image: j79nhbf9r01x.jpg]
[Image: l9gi3m6n69f9.jpg] [Image: 7o7o5oijxv9o.jpg]
[Image: as7jl8bmpd0l.jpg] [Image: o0u3gsev4rf8.jpg]
Francesco Scognamiglio's 40 Birthday Party in Naples, Italy, June 27, 2015

[Image: kkyogg77ynfn.jpg] [Image: 3jn981hkx7t1.jpg] [Image: brudbc2a9hpz.jpg] [Image: lkbp5qwktiet.jpg] [Image: pqcwxxu6wds2.jpg] [Image: xn0nbcfjne7z.jpg] [Image: ysptxip3t5jf.jpg] [Image: m4fksi37hylm.jpg] [Image: eg0778z4sr76.jpg] [Image: mo4o5tluwck2.jpg] [Image: ucg0x5d6m5hs.jpg] [Image: mm8wtq3imlqf.jpg] [Image: zfbu48yivleq.jpg] [Image: renngh9orl9r.jpg] [Image: shl5vjfmjdc5.jpg] [Image: 0rv33ey5wqxv.jpg] [Image: 6ziqye7tp7xn.jpg]
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[Image: xl2h7drc8oyl.jpg] [Image: nyx7o8ikht4z.jpg] [Image: e8khl4m66oow.jpg] [Image: pvw26ugeaqv5.jpg] [Image: 95w6nkrwhmcw.jpg] [Image: v8l7i1fzogxa.jpg] [Image: tb4cxq8znin3.jpg] [Image: tepmmjjamrfn.jpg]
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Wonderland Magazine's 10th Anniversary Party, Seštember 22, 2015
[Image: q9tdsotv1x6e.jpg] [Image: 8hu9xuessxfq.jpg] [Image: x0bfh3swvwvk.jpg] [Image: 65tr1s9cvs0l.jpg]
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Notofu Mgazine Photoshoot, Winter 2015-2016

[Image: oakcgcbpp804.jpg] [Image: 1lric3zteu0k.jpg] [Image: 6nvpfzatopt5.jpg] [Image: modaq20ez4la.jpg] [Image: qg7lo5hlx698.jpg] [Image: b2fpcwtnwrdw.jpg] [Image: mpye6cubbs1a.jpg] [Image: 26bjntzewq7h.jpg] [Image: m4mait3kk6x7.jpg] [Image: mj3xea4px5az.jpg] [Image: 56s3eiup6biy.jpg] [Image: wjveic1bkykx.jpg]
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Lindsay Lohan – “Duran Duran” Concert in New York

[Image: 6f6ho6u6464m_t.jpg][Image: g51z3yln0eog_t.jpg][Image: 5710ab34df147.jpg] [Image: 5710ab3b96f75.jpg] [Image: 5710ab1084fbe.jpg] [Image: 5710ab163c57b.jpg] [Image: 5710ab223baf5.jpg]
Lindsay Lohan - Braless Seethru

[Image: 5744649f21fac.jpg] [Image: 574464c760af0.jpg] [Image: 574464f35079e.jpg] [Image: 574464d8aa51d.jpg] [Image: 574464d1aa386.jpg] [Image: 5744651a67883.jpg] [Image: 5744653d8c521.jpg] [Image: 5744654ec1aea.jpg] [Image: 5744656887327.jpg]
Lindsay Lohan - Braless

[Image: 574465895569b.jpg] [Image: 574465922150b.jpg] [Image: 574465cf84f89.jpg] [Image: 574465d4dc9f4.jpg] [Image: 574465dca298d.jpg] [Image: 574465e2124de.jpg] [Image: 574465e513b29.jpg] [Image: 85004631_lindsay_lohan_9.jpg]
Lindsay Lohan – Cleavage Candids

[Image: 5744641aa0f27.jpg] [Image: 5744641cc9abb.jpg] [Image: 5744642070d15.jpg] [Image: 57446422c24e7.jpg] [Image: 34ynjo0kkbbt_t.jpg]
Lindsay Lohan – Candids in Bra Learning Boxing

[Image: 57446321a76cb.jpg] [Image: 574463234ffae.jpg] [Image: 574463251efdc.jpg] [Image: 57446328cb651.jpg] [Image: 5744636310950.jpg] [Image: 57446364b76a2.jpg] [Image: 574463663adae.jpg] [Image: 574463695e2f8.jpg] [Image: 5744636a6adf3.jpg] [Image: 5744636bbd58a.jpg]
wearing a bikini in Mauritius, May 12, 2016

[Image: 1x7zdk9ygaq2.jpg] [Image: 9sfuty4x6pez.jpg] [Image: d6p2381btfir.jpg] [Image: kwo5jgo2f32t.jpg] [Image: ndfuiwt76uqy.jpg]
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Lindsay Lohan - Oops

[Image: 574d4a05c317f.jpg] [Image: 574d4a0775096.jpg] [Image: 574d4a0b1f15a.jpg] [Image: 574d4a0c5fc99.jpg] [Image: 574d4a4aabd6d.jpg]
Lindsay Lohan at the beach in Mauritius 6/21/16

[Image: 576ae935dd412.jpg] [Image: 576ae93cb29c6.jpg] [Image: 576ae94502a34.jpg] [Image: 576ae94cc04c6.jpg] [Image: 576ae93e1a4be.jpg] [Image: 576ae941e4fb5.jpg] [Image: 576ae9606369e.jpg] [Image: 576ae97466e07.jpg] [Image: 576ae94598351.jpg] [Image: 576ae9508c4aa.jpg] [Image: 576ae96759d33.jpg] [Image: 576ae97022db9.jpg] [Image: 576ae94c44804.jpg] [Image: 576ae9633f8bc.jpg] [Image: 576ae9679f79c.jpg] [Image: 576ae971e9aec.jpg] [Image: 576ae955b196b.jpg] [Image: 576ae966a85cd.jpg] [Image: 576ae96f339ee.jpg] [Image: 576ae970eeb7a.jpg]
Lindsay Lohan wet swimsuit pokies on a Mauritius beach June 2016

[Image: 576f40909ce70.jpg] [Image: 576f40990cbef.jpg] [Image: 576f409dce04a.jpg] [Image: 576f414290bd9.jpg] [Image: 576f415bb4459.jpg] [Image: 576f416551cc7.jpg] [Image: 576f415f91b95.jpg] [Image: 576f41657296e.jpg]
Wearing a swimsuit in Mauritius, June 2016

[Image: zo3ukj181o74.jpg] [Image: y7vdw1c71hdr.jpg] [Image: fhpgcjln77zc.jpg] [Image: r40fha1rmmvp.jpg] [Image: rbhq9xlw41dx.jpg] [Image: rvyq8cnbeilu.jpg] [Image: w1k9berrcw6t.jpg] [Image: 7sra0vu476f0.jpg] [Image: 0l9xttixd9ok.jpg] [Image: e3erzzyslvw5.jpg] [Image: tdkcivxakbxc.jpg] [Image: sk81abalhap8.jpg] [Image: 13o9kwgxy3c8.jpg]

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Lindsay Lohan at the beach in Mykonos, Greece 7/4/2016

[Image: 577b6757b9b5c.jpg] [Image: 577b675cdbb64.jpg] [Image: 577b675ec66dd.jpg] [Image: 577b6763a90a2.jpg] [Image: 577b675d84780.jpg] [Image: 577b6761676c9.jpg] [Image: 577b6763e1a47.jpg] [Image: 577b6765708e8.jpg] [Image: 577b676266546.jpg] [Image: 577b676d0e27f.jpg] [Image: 577b6771bc236.jpg] [Image: 577b6776380f3.jpg] [Image: 577b6767e8916.jpg] [Image: 577b676b2ba5f.jpg] [Image: 577b676cbafae.jpg] [Image: 577b6770b4ebb.jpg] [Image: 577b6772acb68.jpg] [Image: 577b677678977.jpg] [Image: 577b677e40334.jpg] [Image: 577b6783f1a71.jpg] [Image: 577b67742b45f.jpg] [Image: 577b67770a293.jpg] [Image: 577b6778e2cbd.jpg] [Image: 577b677a6552c.jpg] [Image: 577b677772eba.jpg] [Image: 577b67808b063.jpg] [Image: 577b6784de250.jpg] [Image: 577b677e65602.jpg] [Image: 577b6781bea4d.jpg] [Image: 577b678aab954.jpg]