Georgia Kousoulou
Georgia Kousoulou saves herself from a wardrobe malfunction

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Georgia Kousoulou displays extreme cleavage in neon pink bikini

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Short Bio
Georgia Kousoulou is a British TOWIE star and owner of Georgia's Boutique. She's represented in the UK by Big Talent Group.
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The Only Way Is Essex (often abbreviated as TOWIE) is a BAFTA award-winning British "scripted reality" television soap opera based in Brentwood, England. It shows "real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in a structured way." The show is filmed just a few days in advance. It is narrated by Denise van Outen, who is from Basildon, Essex. The show has been described as Britain's answer to The Hills and Jersey Shore.
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Georgia Kousoulou displays plenty of cleavage in plunging white swimsuit

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