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Claudia Romani
Claudia Romani shows off her killer curves at the beach in Miami.
[Image: 9jpksd4dl86n.jpg] [Image: 2ch7h938sb81.jpg] [Image: ptto4lt1g8qt.jpg] [Image: 32w6b7rc4ol0.jpg]

[Image: 1ez2nheexxiv.jpg] [Image: ztmtivg2lfp8.jpg] [Image: phg01r91h6xe.jpg] [Image: i79tfcifisue.jpg]

[Image: tkcqmkedlv0c.jpg] [Image: 0yq9nwcryejs.jpg] [Image: bl80im9gzebd.jpg] [Image: arl0q38t3jwn.jpg]

[Image: 6m4lt937hwdl.jpg] [Image: ivje0jetre1i.jpg] [Image: zw5sej7kpiid.jpg]
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Short Bio
Claudia Romani (born April 14, 1982 in L'Aquila, Italy) is a model. She has appeared on covers such as GQ and Maxim, and in 2006 was voted one of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World by FHM Denmark. Since 2010, she is based in Miami, Florida.

Claudia Romani was born on April 14, 1982 in L'Aquila, Italy. She moved to Denmark in her late teens, also studying in England.

She has been featured in magazines such as FHM (Denmark, Turkey and Slovenia), GQ, Maxim (Italy and Greece), Cosmopolitan (UK), More!, and Playboy Italy.
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Claudia Romani - Booty Cheek Peek In Mini Skirt

[Image: 574d53d84d7f4.jpg] [Image: 574d53e6c780d.jpg] [Image: 574d53ee97e5a.jpg] [Image: 574d53f9accd7.jpg] [Image: 574d54327de5c.jpg] [Image: 574d543d246db.jpg] [Image: qncd0f7lny0s_t.jpg] [Image: artbo2vb967j_t.jpg] [Image: x0649mt6aglv_t.jpg]
Claudia Romani - Show Ass For Italy UEFA

[Image: 575fbabc7f67c.jpg] [Image: cz63s7tj47t7.jpg][Image: 575fbb134b8c5.jpg] [Image: 575fbac3dd963.jpg][Image: cjfzshc8ah30.jpg][Image: n8ijq53r76l7.jpg][Image: 575fbb146b906.jpg][Image: zsnips5qmjyh.jpg]
Claudia Romani - Hot Ass Bend Over

[Image: 89036344_claudia_romani__hot_bikini_pi.jpg] [Image: 89036345_claudia_romani__hot_bikini_pi.jpg] [Image: 89036349_claudia_romani__hot_bikini_pi.jpg] [Image: 89036350_claudia_romani__hot_bikini_pi.jpg] [Image: 89036354_claudia_romani__hot_bikini_pi.jpg] [Image: 89036355_claudia_romani__hot_bikini_pi.jpg] [Image: 89036356_claudia_romani__hot_bikini_pi.jpg] [Image: 89036414_claudia_romani_in_bikini_out_.jpg] [Image: 89036416_claudia_romani_in_bikini_out_.jpg] [Image: 89036418_claudia_romani_in_bikini_out_.jpg] [Image: 89036419_claudia_romani_in_bikini_out_.jpg]
Claudia Romani while walking around South Beach 9/18/16

[Image: 57dfe37ec0243.jpg] [Image: 57dfe3812bd72.jpg] [Image: 57dfe382e0de1.jpg] [Image: 57dfe3879ac33.jpg] [Image: 57dfe386afbe2.jpg] [Image: 57dfe38cbee0f.jpg] [Image: 57dfe392c6521.jpg] [Image: 57dfe398da134.jpg] [Image: 57dfe3878c353.jpg] [Image: 57dfe38af086c.jpg] [Image: 57dfe38d400df.jpg] [Image: 57dfe38ed0454.jpg]
Claudia Romani sheer top & upskirt in Miami 9/29/16

[Image: 92868987_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg] [Image: 92868994_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg] [Image: 92869001_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg] [Image: 92869005_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg] [Image: 92869010_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg] [Image: 92869018_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg] [Image: 92869026_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg] [Image: 92869040_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg] [Image: 92869056_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg] [Image: 92869064_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg] [Image: 92869072_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg] [Image: 92869080_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg] [Image: 92869086_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg] [Image: 92869093_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg] [Image: 92869101_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg] [Image: 92869108_claudia_romani_butt_thong_see.jpg]
Claudia Romani - South Beach, Miami 10/16/16

[Image: 580f89e95d26e.jpg] [Image: 580f89ed9c5d6.jpg] [Image: 580f89ef955f1.jpg] [Image: 580f89f3f3d20.jpg] [Image: 580f89ef5e0a2.jpg] [Image: 580f89f309d6c.jpg] [Image: 580f89fb12314.jpg] [Image: 580f89ff7599f.jpg] [Image: 580f89f0b90d1.jpg] [Image: 580f89f35a805.jpg] [Image: 580f89f4b902a.jpg] [Image: 580f89fd6f7ad.jpg] [Image: 580f89f8bb1ad.jpg] [Image: 580f89fadf57b.jpg] [Image: 580f89ff4ba3e.jpg] [Image: 580f8a00e2da2.jpg]
Claudia Romani and Erika Tessarolo on South Beach, Italy 1/2/17

possible lipslip

[Image: 586cf5b7eeb1d.jpg] [Image: 586cf5becdeb1.jpg] [Image: 586cf5b271fbd.jpg] [Image: 586cf5b5cee36.jpg] [Image: 586cf5b7e8267.jpg] [Image: 586cf5c44e17e.jpg] [Image: 586cf5bbe5de3.jpg] [Image: 586cf5bfa3622.jpg]
Claudia Romani wearing her AC Milan jersey in Miami 1/31/17

[Image: 5891e68435ec0.jpg] [Image: 5891e687b2dcf.jpg] [Image: 5891e68c92849.jpg] [Image: 5891e69262712.jpg] [Image: 5891e697c567e.jpg] [Image: 5891e69ee2070.jpg] [Image: 5891e6ab2028c.jpg] [Image: 5891e6b480042.jpg] [Image: 5891e6b8a53b2.jpg] [Image: 5891e6bdbdff1.jpg] [Image: 5891e6c91aff6.jpg] [Image: 5891e6cf59346.jpg] [Image: 5891e6d3ea498.jpg] [Image: 5891e6dbc0a09.jpg] [Image: 5891e6e1c4935.jpg] [Image: 5891e6e7cc259.jpg] [Image: 5891e6f0c3ed0.jpg] [Image: 5891e6fb2e028.jpg] [Image: 5891e701c47c0.jpg] [Image: 5891e70699cda.jpg]
Claudia Romani on South Beach in Miami 2/5/17

[Image: 0gozzv47hhh3.jpg] [Image: 6yhqcjziitjs.jpg] [Image: dgn8u24y32en.jpg] [Image: 2q8kwpd6vkdk.jpg] [Image: vzb65zbni9uv.jpg] [Image: 2dnkjzh6lu77.jpg] [Image: 3mvs50lzaspf.jpg] [Image: 0phig4vhkmak.jpg] [Image: trksg924dz33.jpg] [Image: ltx3cxhrueef.jpg] [Image: b54prw96rm9z.jpg] [Image: ef9ebbqkrmgw.jpg] [Image: f2ruur3pd5jd.jpg] [Image: k7jiaycszvaz.jpg] [Image: 2namikx0kbpb.jpg] [Image: oxcgzn5y9hfv.jpg] [Image: rappw51k34oo.jpg] [Image: n7a9jw7oi9j2.jpg] [Image: gxsf6uykzfmm.jpg] [Image: 6fqldr41iifm.jpg]
Claudia Romani - White Bikini - Miami, Florida, USA

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]
Claudia Romani Nipple Slip and Wedgie

[Image: 101815552_c1.jpg] [Image: 101815560_c2.jpg]
Claudia Romani - Miami Beach 3/26/2017

[Image: 58d93c3e26033.jpg] [Image: 58d93c41ba906.jpg] [Image: 58d93c4841bbd.jpg] [Image: 58d93c52206b6.jpg] [Image: 58d93c55b6540.jpg] [Image: 58d93c5905df2.jpg] [Image: 58d93c5c54573.jpg] [Image: 58d93c5ecbc62.jpg] [Image: 58d93c61f1658.jpg] [Image: 58d93c65bfeb9.jpg] [Image: 58d93c6964c17.jpg] [Image: 58d93c6cc55a5.jpg] [Image: 58d93c6fbb81b.jpg] [Image: 58d93c72a79fd.jpg] [Image: 58d93c7605efc.jpg] [Image: 58d93c78a804a.jpg] [Image: 58d93c7c53ab0.jpg] [Image: 58d93c7f689fc.jpg] [Image: 58d93c832e05b.jpg] [Image: 58d93c87535af.jpg]
Claudia Romani in a thong bikini and heels on a Yatch in South Beach in Miami 3/4/17

[Image: 58e3249c03a04.jpg] [Image: 58e3249e2edf1.jpg] [Image: 58e3249fc1d75.jpg] [Image: 58e324a19f75d.jpg] [Image: 58e324a3dfbfe.jpg] [Image: 58e324a59fae4.jpg] [Image: 58e324a82b2b8.jpg] [Image: 58e324a9ddc34.jpg] [Image: 58e324ad04a6d.jpg] [Image: 58e324aea285e.jpg] [Image: 58e324b0bba79.jpg] [Image: 58e324b3f276a.jpg]
Claudia Romani in a bright orange bikini in Miami 5/30/17 [HQ]

[Image: zmvxt6x8yqdx.jpg] [Image: nsp1b6co7ol1.jpg] [Image: aza8mkix02dw.jpg] [Image: 3r41ula875ii.jpg] [Image: i5ov7nepuoo9.jpg] [Image: 11528luml2zs.jpg] [Image: uzvg6jiffkqe.jpg] [Image: 4wl57cw83hiq.jpg] [Image: 5xco5bs9tx5x.jpg] [Image: m11ut1cw15rv.jpg] [Image: hnbpmipdlb4q.jpg] [Image: xx9rynsi6dso.jpg] [Image: h1puezu6ats4.jpg] [Image: yubsy4hzpyfh.jpg] [Image: ujl2fwq324q7.jpg] [Image: urjrbmposrmm.jpg] [Image: zno283xw9db8.jpg] [Image: 7r67hsqu3yce.jpg] [Image: lp97noj24okn.jpg] [Image: x6g6xh8qkcj6.jpg]

Download Set of 20 Pictures - 20.10 MB
Claudia Romani looks smoking hot in Sunny Isles Beach 7/19/17

[Image: 597093a2261c3.jpg] [Image: 597093aa7c241.jpg] [Image: 597093b732163.jpg] [Image: 597093beb562b.jpg] [Image: 597093c4a5c83.jpg] [Image: 597093cc3ac45.jpg] [Image: 597093d72ee0f.jpg] [Image: 597093e4666c9.jpg] [Image: 597093eff196f.jpg] [Image: 597093fb039f7.jpg] [Image: 5970940252aff.jpg] [Image: 59709412eb43f.jpg] [Image: 5970941eab532.jpg] [Image: 5970942383baf.jpg] [Image: 5970942bed3f4.jpg] [Image: 59709434113b5.jpg] [Image: 5970943f0b2b4.jpg] [Image: 5970944381cfa.jpg] [Image: 597094462831c.jpg] [Image: 5970944b2e661.jpg]
Claudia Romani - tiny blue bikini in West Palm Beach, Florida 7/30/17

[Image: 5981ec547be7b.jpg] [Image: 5981ec55c26ee.jpg] [Image: 5981ec5c89501.jpg] [Image: 5981ec628f48d.jpg] [Image: 5981ec660e3a9.jpg] [Image: 5981ec6cf23a2.jpg] [Image: 5981ec718a75a.jpg] [Image: 5981ec7762fb8.jpg] [Image: 5981ec7ec9d47.jpg] [Image: 5981ec81f1a6a.jpg] [Image: 5981ec86bf9b6.jpg] [Image: 5981ec8c64f9d.jpg] [Image: 5981ec9910801.jpg] [Image: 5981ec9e9d933.jpg] [Image: 5981eca67d83b.jpg] [Image: 5981ecac6a3e2.jpg] [Image: 5981ecaf5e5ee.jpg] [Image: 5981ecb35204b.jpg] [Image: 5981ecb794ce8.jpg] [Image: 5981ecb9cbbc3.jpg]
Claudia Romani - Bikini on South Beach in Miami, 9/3/17

[Image: 59ae69734e43b.jpg] [Image: 59ae6978402b2.jpg] [Image: 59ae69801e5ae.jpg] [Image: 59ae6984bc03f.jpg] [Image: 59ae698975b1a.jpg] [Image: 59ae698daf633.jpg] [Image: 59ae699419c1f.jpg] [Image: 59ae699a6ec09.jpg] [Image: 59ae699ddce43.jpg] [Image: 59ae69a1b0e5e.jpg] [Image: 59ae69a6edcc3.jpg] [Image: 59ae69aa11cbc.jpg] [Image: 59ae69b2c0bdc.jpg] [Image: 59ae69b97f24f.jpg] [Image: 59ae69c2bc4bf.jpg] [Image: 59ae69c637909.jpg] [Image: 59ae69cc49a17.jpg] [Image: 59ae69d1ad755.jpg] [Image: 59ae69d3d9da0.jpg] [Image: 59ae69d621104.jpg]
Claudia Romani at Miami Beach, 9/27/17

[Image: 59cdcce19598e.jpg] [Image: 59cdcce458923.jpg] [Image: 59cdcce60a16f.jpg] [Image: 59cdcce8260dc.jpg] [Image: 59cdccea97cb4.jpg] [Image: 59cdcced61e04.jpg] [Image: 59cdccf670428.jpg] [Image: 59cdccfdde521.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd0638201.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd0da20c3.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd167e3d8.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd22669f3.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd2ba0c6f.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd332734c.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd36cba19.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd3c5f9e4.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd41eff10.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd4bcf402.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd4fb22d5.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd572390c.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd5d9ab17.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd610baa3.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd67d054f.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd708e07f.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd7c13bea.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd89d13aa.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd9692dc9.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd9a7932a.jpg] [Image: 59cdcd9cade60.jpg]