Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Jane "Liz" Hurley (born 10 June 1965) is an English actress and model.

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Short Bio
Elizabeth Jane "Liz" Hurley (born 10 June 1965) is an English actress and model. She has been associated with the cosmetics company Estée Lauder since the company gave Hurley her first modelling job at the age of 29. It has featured her as a representative and model for its products, especially perfumes such as Sensuous, Intuition, and Pleasures, since 1995. Hurley owns an eponymous beachwear line.

As an actress, her best-known film roles to date have been as Vanessa Kensington in Mike Myers' hit spy comedy, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) and as the Devil in Bedazzled (2000).

In the 1990s, Hurley became known as the girlfriend of Hugh Grant. In 1994, as Grant became the focus of international media attention due to the success of his film Four Weddings and a Funeral, Hurley accompanied him to the film's Los Angeles premiere in a plunging black Versace dress held together with gold safety pins, which gained her instant media attention.
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at her Hotel in New York, November 11, 2015

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Elizabeth Hurley looking hot in Vintage Photoshoot

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Elizabeth Hurley - Dangerous Ground (1997)

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Natural Style Italia, December 2015

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Elizabeth Hurley Seethru

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Elizabeth Hurley topless on the beach

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Elizabeth Hurley Aerola Slip in Bikini

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Elizabeth Hurley Topless on a Boat

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Elizabeth Hurley - Nude - Scan

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Elizabeth Hurley - Bikini Cameltoe - Instagram

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Elizabeth Hurley - Topless on a Boat - Gif

9 Seconds

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Elizabeth Hurley - Bikini - Social Media

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Elizabeth Hurley - Swimsuit - Social Media

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Elizabeth Hurley and others  in Aria (1987) 720p
Bridget Fonda , Elizabeth Hurley , Valérie Allain , Marion Peterson , Linzi Drew , Beverly D'Angelo , Beverly D'Angelo

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Aria (1987).mp4

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Elizabeth Hurley - Instagram - 7/6/17

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Elizabeth Hurley - Instagram - 7/8/17

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Elizabeth Hurley - Instagram - 7/11/17

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Elizabeth Hurley - Topless on a Yatch

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