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Hailee Steinfeld
Hailee Steinfeld (born December 11, 1996)[1] is an American actress, model and singer.

[Image: 7Eva6Bi.jpg] [Image: yrvHykb.jpg] [Image: m14Jk7h.jpg] [Image: CPQOQjF.jpg] [Image: DC7SAif.jpg] [Image: No2Exlq.jpg] [Image: lSz5kOK.jpg]
Short Bio
Hailee Steinfeld (born December 11, 1996) is an American actress, model and singer. She is known for her portrayal of Mattie Ross in the 2010 film True Grit, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role, and a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. She also played Petra Arkanian in the 2013 sci-fi film Ender's Game. She portrayed Juliet Capulet in the 2013 film adaptation of William Shakespeare's romantic tragedy Romeo & Juliet, Zooey Renner in the 2014 crime film 3 Days to Kill, and Violet in Begin Again. In 2015, she played Emily Junk in the sequel Pitch Perfect 2.

In addition to her acting career, Steinfeld also has done modeling work. She was hired as the face of Miu Miu shortly after True Grit was released in 2011. Steinfeld debuted her singing voice in Pitch Perfect 2 and released a cover version of "Flashlight", the song she sang in the film. In 2015, she signed a recording deal with Republic Records. Her debut single "Love Myself" was released along with a music video in August 2015.

Steinfeld was born in the Tarzana neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.
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by Ted Emmons for Ladygunn Mag #13, February 12, 2016
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by Mona Kuhn for Harper's Bazaar, May 2016

[Image: xblbyxi6ayj2.jpg] [Image: lpji32o58wfi.jpg] [Image: 39m1rihhwnyk.jpg]

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Hailee Steinfeld Out in NYC 5/1/16

[Image: 572792064f8dc.jpg] [Image: 5727920f5cfea.jpg] [Image: 57279214663ab.jpg]
Hailee Steinfeld performing on The Untouchable Tour in Phoenix 7/24/2016

[Image: 57975839bc443.jpg] [Image: 579758542808a.jpg] [Image: 5797585d2c775.jpg] [Image: 5797585426678.jpg] [Image: 5797586ea9b17.jpg] [Image: 5797587fd621d.jpg] [Image: 5797584542a29.jpg] [Image: 57975852c26bb.jpg] [Image: 57975869c0bd7.jpg]
Sheryl Japan, August 24, 2016
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at LAX after her show in Boston, September 26, 2016

[Image: 92417952_49.jpg] [Image: 92417953_50.jpg] [Image: 92417954_51.jpg] [Image: 92417955_52.jpg] [Image: 92417957_53.jpg] [Image: 92417958_54.jpg] [Image: 92417959_55.jpg] [Image: 92417960_56.jpg] [Image: 92417961_57.jpg] [Image: 92417963_58.jpg] [Image: 92417964_59.jpg] [Image: 92417965_60.jpg] [Image: 92417966_61.jpg] [Image: 92417967_62.jpg] [Image: 92417969_63.jpg]

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Hailee Steinfeld Arriving at LAX Airport in Los Angeles 9/26/16

[Image: 57ea3dea5b4f7.jpg] [Image: 57ea3dff6028d.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e1867eb8.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e2a54795.jpg] [Image: 57ea3df347ec5.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e086d95d.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e2ab65da.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e46377ce.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e1021ec3.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e24679ec.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e341412c.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e3f10586.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e0eebd29.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e2f2b2fe.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e377855e.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e46be9f8.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e1ab893f.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e395ef7c.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e4f6a4ef.jpg] [Image: 57ea3e5e662f4.jpg]
Hearst Fujingaho Beauty Festival in Tokyo, October 10, 2016

[Image: 5em6e1kh4mdh.jpg] [Image: blo3m28f8y9q.jpg] [Image: u7j82832s4g6.jpg] [Image: q31j64amlhl6.jpg] [Image: 2v8d0gnk1jwg.jpg] [Image: 99jxlickx84l.jpg] [Image: kz3y2yjxtpqg.jpg] [Image: 6sglzlh95zfo.jpg] [Image: y21s9bfq8r0h.jpg] [Image: v44s0n1pxc0u.jpg] [Image: zep5b0ub13a9.jpg] [Image: 99j0epn0klbe.jpg]
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Hailee Steinfeld - Dick Clark's Primetime New Year's Rockin Eve - 12-31-2016
[Image: 97887600_hsdc12311601.jpg] [Image: 97887602_hsdc12311602.jpg] [Image: 97887603_hsdc12311603.jpg] [Image: 97887604_hsdc12311604.jpg] [Image: 97887605_hsdc12311605.jpg] [Image: 97887607_hsdc12311606.jpg] [Image: 97887608_hsdc12311607.jpg] [Image: 97887610_hsdc12311608.jpg] [Image: 97887611_hsdc12311609.jpg] [Image: 97887612_hsdc12311610.jpg] [Image: 97887613_hsdc12311611.jpg] [Image: 97887614_hsdc12311612.jpg] [Image: 97887616_hsdc12311613.jpg] [Image: 97887617_hsdc12311614.jpg] [Image: 97887619_hsdc12311615.jpg] [Image: 97887621_hsdc12311616.jpg] [Image: 97887623_hsdc12311617.jpg] [Image: 97887624_hsdc12311618.jpg] [Image: 97887625_hsdc12311619.jpg] [Image: 97887628_hsdc12311620.jpg] [Image: 97887629_hsdc12311621.jpg] [Image: 97887631_hsdc12311622.jpg] [Image: 97887634_hsdc12311623.jpg] [Image: 97887635_hsdc12311624.jpg] [Image: 97887637_hsdc12311625.jpg] [Image: 97887638_hsdc12311626.jpg] [Image: 97887640_hsdc12311627.jpg] [Image: 97887641_hsdc12311628.jpg] [Image: 97887643_hsdc12311629.jpg] [Image: 97887644_hsdc12311630.jpg]
[Image: V945aQ5I.jpg]
148 MB | 3 Min 16 Sec | 1280x720 | MP4
Hailee Steinfeld - Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve - 12-31-2016
[Image: sv73kwcgzpvs.jpg][Image: fz72gsqlm18k.jpg][Image: lkocqpfnjcps.jpg]
[Image: hiz5qpsmqv3g.jpg][Image: tc00hn5kqcys.jpg][Image: pykdss9juwgk.jpg]
[Image: xz74tnz21h1j.jpg][Image: uvdad7xyv56t.jpg][Image: xxsa0mpw5fjk.jpg]
[Image: eixmmwx71b7l.jpg][Image: bjvwz424krbw.jpg][Image: v8dflq1zmh6a.jpg]
[Image: 9nv1400swydf.jpg][Image: tr6qz3qov26p.jpg][Image: 98ivoynfloqw.jpg]
[Image: frv65nkj96hd.jpg][Image: 0ctadsab8xfp.jpg][Image: 8x3fa05hrzzv.jpg]
Hailee Steinfeld - Baltimore Mistletoe Meltdown - 12-16-2016
[Image: 97888296_shot0001.jpg] [Image: 97888297_shot0002.jpg] [Image: 97888298_shot0003.jpg] [Image: 97888299_shot0004.jpg] [Image: 97888300_shot0005.jpg] [Image: 97888302_shot0006.jpg] [Image: 97888304_shot0007.jpg] [Image: 97888309_shot0008.jpg] [Image: 97888311_shot0009.jpg] [Image: 97888312_shot0010.jpg] [Image: 97888313_shot0011.jpg] [Image: 97888314_shot0012.jpg] [Image: 97888315_shot0013.jpg] [Image: 97888316_shot0014.jpg] [Image: 97888317_shot0015.jpg] [Image: 97888318_shot0016.jpg] [Image: 97888319_shot0017.jpg] [Image: 97888320_shot0018.jpg] [Image: 97888321_shot0019.jpg] [Image: 97888322_shot0020.jpg] [Image: 97888323_shot0021.jpg] [Image: 97888324_shot0022.jpg] [Image: 97888325_shot0023.jpg] [Image: 97888327_shot0024.jpg] [Image: 97888329_shot0025.jpg] [Image: 97888331_shot0026.jpg] [Image: 97888333_shot0027.jpg] [Image: 97888334_shot0028.jpg] [Image: 97888335_shot0029.jpg] [Image: 97888336_shot0030.jpg] [Image: 97888337_shot0031.jpg] [Image: 97888338_shot0032.jpg] [Image: 97888339_shot0033.jpg] [Image: 97888340_shot0034.jpg] [Image: 97888341_shot0035.jpg] [Image: 97888342_shot0036.jpg] [Image: 97888343_shot0037.jpg] [Image: 97888344_shot0038.jpg] [Image: 97888345_shot0039.jpg] [Image: 97888346_shot0040.jpg] [Image: 97888347_shot0041.jpg] [Image: 97888348_shot0042.jpg] [Image: 97888349_shot0043.jpg] [Image: 97888350_shot0044.jpg]
Hailee Steinfeld - Bahamas 12-31-2016
[Image: 5871290ebaaa8.jpg] [Image: 5871291029bd0.jpg] [Image: 587129118f5bc.jpg]

Animated GIFs
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Hailee Steinfeld - BAFTA Tea Party in Los Angeles - 1-7-2017
[Image: 98128201_01.jpg] [Image: 98128206_02.jpg] [Image: 98128212_03.jpg] [Image: 98128216_04.jpg] [Image: 98128223_05.jpg] [Image: 98128228_06.jpg] [Image: 98128231_07.jpg] [Image: 98128234_08.jpg] [Image: 98128236_09.jpg] [Image: 98128237_10.jpg] [Image: 98128239_11.jpg] [Image: 98128241_12.jpg] [Image: 98128243_13.jpg] [Image: 98128245_14.jpg] [Image: 98128247_15.jpg] [Image: 98128249_16.jpg] [Image: 98128251_17.jpg] [Image: 98128253_18.jpg] [Image: 98128255_19.jpg] [Image: 98128257_20.jpg]
Hailee Steinfeld - CBS This Morning - 12-13-2016
[Image: 98524500_hscm1213161.jpg] [Image: 98524501_hscm1213162.jpg] [Image: 98524502_hscm1213163.jpg] [Image: 98524504_hscm1213164.jpg] [Image: 98524505_hscm1213165.jpg] [Image: 98524507_hscm1213166.jpg] [Image: 98524508_hscm1213167.jpg] [Image: 98524509_hscm1213168.jpg]
[Image: 9H2047Uu.jpg]
135 MB | 3 Min 50 Sec | 1280x720 | MP4
Hailee Steinfeld - American Music Awards - 11-19-2017
[Image: o1u2frettpbm.jpg][Image: llsvj10uw9vs.jpg][Image: nbit6d3wruip.jpg][Image: ma8u8v59nuxl.jpg][Image: g68bp3dmxtl5.jpg][Image: 7gj5ncd3b64p.jpg][Image: 8f5fuy72tzsa.jpg][Image: gvvmyo9izdji.jpg][Image: wuwywsdjmih5.jpg][Image: wn8954phkimu.jpg][Image: t43ok1li7jzh.jpg][Image: krgdntclwy4a.jpg][Image: dbb60ynp629k.jpg][Image: 4ilddgess24y.jpg][Image: 238ky2uagp3z.jpg][Image: zlmd5di2wt2t.jpg][Image: dkj567zsjb1x.jpg][Image: h17h6nwf6myo.jpg][Image: yzsm5ou8so94.jpg][Image: 8pcxm9bj56dh.jpg][Image: dx0pfp16dfy4.jpg][Image: u0kr8d6mk5nu.jpg][Image: pys2du8xs3qs.jpg][Image: swfjvv5rnn4m.jpg][Image: s535n7ypnnqh.jpg][Image: cmudcxc7ewwv.jpg]
[Image: th_206061984_HSAMA111917.m4v_thumbs_2017..._950lo.jpg]
118 MB | 3 Min 12 Sec | 1280x1078 | M4V HSAMA111917.m4v
Hailee Steinfeld - Live with Kelly & Ryan - 12-15-2017
[Image: hiut0gr60o2y.jpg][Image: eoanhvmwzhah.jpg][Image: eyrihlq25esf.jpg][Image: a63ecpy4smv1.jpg][Image: sdn6s8z9e4x4.jpg][Image: hz99lc9k5fzu.jpg][Image: gcx2gf8w6ata.jpg][Image: k7gwtaiv0lf9.jpg][Image: fzobzso2mp2p.jpg][Image: z2ocjko9jtpp.jpg][Image: joxbkw62e1zk.jpg][Image: ocququemcjr1.jpg][Image: 7c8z6u24inyo.jpg][Image: qtu8bhxu2hnl.jpg][Image: awqlrjo3rm6y.jpg][Image: 7aaa4xl9uc5j.jpg][Image: yijbqaa4fzx0.jpg][Image: 1asx9z9k1thk.jpg][Image: wnb1j7t9f0s3.jpg][Image: l0m9acve125m.jpg][Image: thloms7kvzjx.jpg][Image: 2ooi30klmb3t.jpg][Image: z21op46182u7.jpg][Image: cj1mlknmdijf.jpg]
[Image: pOs4XfPy_t.jpg]
69 MB | 4 Min 43 Sec | 1280x1072 | MP4 HSKR121517.mp4
Hailee Steinfeld - at a beach in Hawaii 12/25/17

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Hailee Steinfeld - Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - 12-14-2017
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[Image: nPnx3YlX_t.jpg]
200 MB | 9 Min 50 Sec | 1280x1078 | MP4 HSJF121417.mp4