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Lara Stone
Lara Catherina Stone (born 20 December 1983) is a Dutch model. In 2012, she came in 8th on the Forbes top-earning models list.

Stone was born in the small Dutch town of Mierlo to a Dutch mother and a British father. She was first discovered in the Paris Metro while on vacation with her family when she was 14 and took part in the Elite Model Look competition in 1999 when she was just 15. Although she did not win, she impressed Elite executives and was signed to Elite Modeling Agency and began to model,

Stone was ranked #1 on's "Top 50 Models" list from Spring 2010 to Summer 2012 before moving to their "Industry Icons" list and she was also ranked the 9th sexiest model on their Top Sexiest Models list.

Stone began dating the British comedian David Walliams in September 2009. They announced their engagement in January 2010. They were married at London's Claridge's hotel on 16 May 2010. In November 2012, the couple announced that Stone was pregnant with their first child, due mid-2013. On 6 May 2013, Stone gave birth to a baby boy.

In the December 2009 issue of Vogue UK, Stone admitted undergoing inpatient rehabilitation for alcoholism earlier in the year.
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Lara Stone for Numero

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]
Lara Stone - i-D Issue #322 of Winter 2012 UK

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]
Lara Stone - Cover and cover story "? ???? ??????" ("In the World of the Senses") for Vogue Russia January 2013

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]
Lara Stone at Cannes

[Image: d15byh3ysy8z.jpg] [Image: r5u5fngi68ms.jpg] [Image: ygu485ofg70l.jpg] [Image: mqj4o6vkgk2o.jpg]

[Image: uuoaalieyg93.jpg] [Image: c36x687zti9d.jpg] [Image: 99gow9662asm.jpg] [Image: xtjewczteb7y.jpg]

[Image: 2fmgqunzccrn.jpg]
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Lara Stone by Iango Henzi + Luigi Murenu for W Magazine Korea, September 2015
[Image: p9yyWqr.jpg] [Image: wg8Er3T.jpg] [Image: hXnPJtI.jpg]
Lara Stone Photoshoot for Vogue (Korea) March 2016

[Image: 56cc150282748.jpg] [Image: 56cc15065a102.jpg] [Image: 56cc150915f90.jpg] [Image: 56cc150ade3f6.jpg] [Image: 56cc150c71d3f.jpg] [Image: 56cc15097d1f7.jpg] [Image: 56cc150cf147e.jpg] [Image: 56cc150f2001b.jpg] [Image: 56cc151203e11.jpg] [Image: 56cc151443ecf.jpg]
by Mario Testino for Vogue Australia, April 2016

[CENTER][Image: k8gcon0z3v5q.jpg] [Image: xitt700koatc.jpg] [Image: 1xnvk967hmn8.jpg] [Image: jiapfcz9u850.jpg] [Image: y0in4n26qvac.jpg] [Image: ef2xv9xv5vde.jpg] [Image: eluu972w70yj.jpg] [Image: nci6p9167f9s.jpg]
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Lara Stone Bikini Change In Miami

[Image: zp36lxz1jnda.jpg] [Image: mu2inhixp7uk.jpg] [Image: i2tm9ph7yhdx.jpg] [Image: 452uy8eicx9j.jpg] [Image: ofm3g7lzj5gn.jpg] [Image: poyog609v1bo.jpg]
[Image: 1843if7vdtuq.jpg] [Image: klx0rh66hrl5.jpg] [Image: aqv42i4ya9kc.jpg] [Image: 8st5zccepvn2.jpg] [Image: tsic4cnr6697.jpg] [Image: p8eoux0ya58t.jpg] [Image: mb9fnjpi0yfp.jpg] [Image: b7zrjnmggmbg.jpg] [Image: vwpgel9u9hdj.jpg] [Image: vae4evhuadbg.jpg]

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Lara Stone - Central Station Rotterdam, The Netehrlands - September 8, 2016

[Image:] [Image:]
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Lara Stone by Iango Henzi + Luigi Murenu for W Magazine Korea

[Image: 5814d7b50bf06.jpg] [Image: 5814d7b65363a.jpg] [Image: 5814d7b8624dc.jpg] [Image: 5814d7b9da13c.jpg] [Image: 5814d7bd9ca34.jpg] [Image: 5814d7bf2c1dc.jpg] [Image: 5814d7bd37d7f.jpg] [Image: 5814d7beed89f.jpg] [Image: 5814d7bfc9369.jpg]
Lara Stone – Fully Nude Photoshoot by Sean Thomas, September 2017

[Image: 59b63920ad815.jpg] [Image: 59b6392530120.jpg] [Image: 59b639275e542.jpg] [Image: 59b6392962ba1.jpg] [Image: 59b6392aa36fb.jpg]
Lara Stone - Full Frontal - Photoshoot

[Image: 59bc22af976c9.jpg]
Lara Stone - W Korea December 2017 - Matt Easton

[Image: 5a214a85864d9.jpg]
Lara Stone - Red sox magazine calendar 2018 by Luigi & Iango

[Image: 5a44f25a03177.jpg]
Lara Stone - Charmin Sexy Bare Tits

[Image: thumb-2745_5A47D2AA.jpg]
Lara Stone - Topless on the Beach

[Image: 5a525cd828bb3.jpg]
Lara Stone - Naked Full Frontal - Photoshoot

[Image: 5a6a16532368e.jpg]