Emma Roberts
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Emma Rose Roberts (born February 10, 1991) is an American actress and singer. Roberts was born in Rhinebeck, New York to Kelly Cunningham and actor Eric Roberts. Her parents were never married and separated when she was a baby.

After small roles in films such as Blow (2001), she rose to prominence with her role as Addie Singer in the Nickelodeon television series Unfabulous (2004–07), for which she was nominated for a Teen Choice Award and six Young Artist Awards. She released her debut album, which also served as the show's soundtrack, Unfabulous and More in 2005.

After Unfabulous ended, Roberts starred in films including Aquamarine (2006), as the title character in Nancy Drew (2007) and Wild Child (2008). Looking for more mature roles, she appeared in the drama Lymelife (2009). She was part of the acting ensemble with her aunt Julia Roberts in Valentine's Day (2010), and had lead roles in the crime thriller (2010), the horror film Scream 4 (2011), the comedy We're the Millers (2013), the comedy Adult World (2013), and the drama Palo Alto (2013). Also in 2013, she returned to television, playing Madison Montgomery in American Horror Story's season three, Coven, and in season four, Freak Show, as Maggie Esmerelda. Roberts began appearing as Chanel Oberlin in Fox's horror comedy Scream Queens in September 2015.
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Emma Roberts Stops for Gas in Los Angeles - December 24, 2015

[Image: emma-roberts-stops-for-gas-in-los-angele...5-1.th.jpg] [Image: emma-roberts-stops-for-gas-in-los-angele...5-2.th.jpg] [Image: emma-roberts-stops-for-gas-in-los-angele...5-3.th.jpg] [Image: emma-roberts-stops-for-gas-in-los-angele...5-4.th.jpg] [Image: emma-roberts-stops-for-gas-in-los-angele...5-5.th.jpg] [Image: emma-roberts-stops-for-gas-in-los-angele...5-6.th.jpg] [Image: emma-roberts-stops-for-gas-in-los-angele...5-7.th.jpg]
Emma Roberts out in Los Angeles 4/5/16

[Image: 5704ce61dfe88.jpg] [Image: 5704ce6612355.jpg] [Image: 5704ce68557a0.jpg] [Image: 5704ce69101ed.jpg] [Image: 5704ce6b69d90.jpg] [Image: 5704ce6d012e3.jpg] [Image: 5704ce6c5bd60.jpg] [Image: 5704ce70aada1.jpg] [Image: 5704ce734af2d.jpg] [Image: 5704ce7181efd.jpg] [Image: 5704ce733c000.jpg] [Image: 5704ce74b9747.jpg] [Image: 5704ce7b424e4.jpg]
Emma Roberts at the gym in West Hollywood 4/11/16

[Image: 570c7bf2cbde3.jpg] [Image: 570c7bfa26002.jpg] [Image: 570c7c03f39fc.jpg] [Image: 570c7c0da775b.jpg] [Image: 570c7bf77de9d.jpg] [Image: 570c7bfbe6499.jpg] [Image: 570c7c042a17e.jpg] [Image: 570c7c0c29cad.jpg] [Image: 570c7c0066daf.jpg] [Image: 570c7c0528cad.jpg] [Image: 570c7c0b82a10.jpg] [Image: 570c7c10b7614.jpg] [Image: 570c7bfec0ccf.jpg]
[Image: fk5asgx974uk.jpg] [Image: 584mggwzq44n.jpg] [Image: lkdrwrkxjpk1.jpg]

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Emma Roberts | Undies (Zoom+Slow Motion) - Nerve (2016) [720p]

[Image: f3c907523892039.jpg] [Image: fddf6b523892098.jpg] [Image: 47638a523892168.jpg] [Image: 2d9830523892266.jpg] [Image: a038bd523892334.jpg] [Image: 2b9537523892404.jpg] 

avi | 1280x720 | 00:34 | 14 mb
Emma Roberts Awesome in Undies - gif

[Image: 58ce27939a603.gif]
Emma Roberts - Instagram - April 19, 2017

[Image: 103000335_er.jpg]
Emma Roberts - Bikini Bra - Social Media

[Image: 593243ff2b2b4.jpg]
[Image: 109627090_emma_roberts_4.3.2.1_01.jpg] [Image: 109627091_emma_roberts_4.3.2.1_02.jpg] [Image: 109627092_emma_roberts_4.3.2.1_03.jpg] [Image: 109627093_emma_roberts_4.3.2.1_04.jpg] [Image: 109627094_emma_roberts_4.3.2.1_05.jpg] [Image: 109627095_emma_roberts_4.3.2.1_06.jpg] [Image: 109627096_emma_roberts_4.3.2.1_07.jpg] [Image: 109627097_emma_roberts_4.3.2.1_08.jpg] [Image: 109627098_emma_roberts_4.3.2.1_09.jpg] [Image: 109627099_emma_roberts_4.3.2.1_10.jpg] [Image: 109627100_emma_roberts_4.3.2.1_11.jpg]

[Image: 109626994_zodgifs_emma_roberts_4321.jpg]
Emma Roberts - Late Night With Seth Meyers - 9-12-2017
[Image: 112049643_ersm9121701.jpg] [Image: 112049644_ersm9121702.jpg] [Image: 112049645_ersm9121703.jpg] [Image: 112049646_ersm9121704.jpg] [Image: 112049647_ersm9121705.jpg] [Image: 112049648_ersm9121706.jpg] [Image: 112049649_ersm9121707.jpg] [Image: 112049650_ersm9121708.jpg] [Image: 112049651_ersm9121709.jpg] [Image: 112049652_ersm9121710.jpg] [Image: 112049653_ersm9121711.jpg] [Image: 112049654_ersm9121712.jpg] [Image: 112049655_ersm9121713.jpg] [Image: 112049656_ersm9121714.jpg] [Image: 112049657_ersm9121715.jpg] [Image: 112049658_ersm9121716.jpg]
[Image: th_186874318_ERSM91217.m4v_thumbs_2017.0..._385lo.jpg]
89 MB | 6 Min 54 Sec | 1280x1076 | M4V
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[Image: 59c817b83364b.gif]
Emma Roberts - Shape Magazine - December 2017
[Image: 0yvm8ipj0f4u.jpg][Image: sntjhnjn6j1j.jpg][Image: eibg58id2dex.jpg][Image: 82dv7zi9jfz2.jpg][Image: iirx450456mj.jpg][Image: acnyqv6ob011.jpg][Image: juuwwqessxmt.jpg][Image: meifwjglpvyr.jpg][Image: xh480o5xf44w.jpg][Image: osgu8g9cop8z.jpg]
[Image: th_268781547_ERSH2017DEC.mp4_thumbs_2017...2_57lo.jpg]
180 MB | 2 Min 28 Sec | 1920x1080 | MP4
https://depositfiles.com/files/w4en565ku ERSH2017DEC.mp4
Emma Roberts - Shape Magazine, December 2017

[Image: oucm98cbbjdw.jpg] [Image: gzr3p7bd65uw.jpg] [Image: xkqy0os8225c.jpg] [Image: pfm3cxollulo.jpg] [Image: x9ecmt6bw2dc.jpg] [Image: 0davt0skd9on.jpg]

56 MB | 00:02:28 | 1920x1080 | mp4
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by Nick Walker 2017

[Image: o3xwuxqh4wtw.jpg] [Image: yh9qd3pz5soo.jpg] [Image: viid1dq6gncc.jpg] [Image: xlilui4ykcoh.jpg] [Image: d8358kz0kgjq.jpg] [Image: u1emc7gwyo4x.jpg] [Image: ssltefpo45eq.jpg] [Image: xr9mf9dyctj9.jpg] [Image: vi4wmj3yceeh.jpg]

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Emma Roberts - Bikini at Miami Beach 12/13/17

[Image: ER1ad378.th.jpg] [Image: ER20a0c9.th.jpg] [Image: ER30dc6c.th.jpg] [Image: ER4f0a05.th.jpg] [Image: ER55b33f.th.jpg] [Image: ER6.th.jpg] [Image: ER7.th.jpg] [Image: ER895022.th.jpg] [Image: ER929ec6.th.jpg] [Image: ER102e82f.th.jpg] [Image: ER11788b9.th.jpg] [Image: ER1245b5f.th.jpg] [Image: ER13faae4.th.jpg] [Image: ER14f743e.th.jpg] [Image: ER15f4fa8.th.jpg]
Emma Roberts in Bikini Top, December 13, 2017

[Image: x9jm93hvig3j.jpg] [Image: uzyo6fw5vb1v.jpg] [Image: g7xmm0braome.jpg] [Image: d3jzc5a12n7t.jpg] [Image: rjjgnu1vxqy7.jpg] [Image: 0z1flpm7ah19.jpg]
4 MB | 00:00:13 | 640x1136 | mp4

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Emma Roberts - American Horror Story - S07E04
[Image: dftzy9ysu8ql.jpg][Image: qpl0evh69682.jpg][Image: 60tlhizqh0op.jpg][Image: cd5uva5eis3f.jpg][Image: m09u40k4obgw.jpg][Image: j55ehl3ojma9.jpg][Image: 2iqv9zhbrhqt.jpg][Image: 6aar51l7lt27.jpg][Image: yc5oo4pnshib.jpg][Image: fzsyjyt621af.jpg][Image: 9zbft4bptveu.jpg][Image: 0m0qf0bzbc12.jpg][Image: 0t5o1hagdxj2.jpg][Image: 7hvik2jp6b0o.jpg][Image: ifkxazdmajca.jpg][Image: cjul76w57eto.jpg][Image: n5bpsdurmjyl.jpg][Image: yq3tb4f5yjf0.jpg][Image: at2a3xepeace.jpg][Image: im5zplskukmy.jpg][Image: 3ueegrw17gwl.jpg][Image: pdmwckn9zjt2.jpg][Image: o9qilva8rs0e.jpg]
[Image: B4BGlNQK_t.jpg]
176 MB | 1 Min 50 Sec | 1920x1080 | MKV
https://depositfiles.com/files/7ff62wawy ERAHS0704.mkv
Emma Roberts - Braless Pokies

[Image: 5a7341b1e0444.jpg]
[Image: xh9q0pk11xea.jpg]

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